How to Use Play Osmo in Your Homeschool for Hands-On Learning

Osmo is an inventive new tool for teaching kids all kinds of important early learning skills through interactive hands-on play. I’m a big fan of learning through play, so we were excited to try using Osmo games with our daughter as a part of our homeschool lessons.  Osmo learning games teach all kinds of cool skills like problem solving, creativity, computer coding, spelling, and more. There are so many fun options! 

Osmo is an inventive new tool for teaching kids all kinds of important early learning skills through interactive hands-on play.

If you’re considering investing in Osmo for your kids, keep reading to learn more about what’s available, how you can use Osmo in your homeschool, and get the scoop on our favorite games to play.

 Osmo – Little Genius Osmo – Genius Words Osmo – Genius Numbers Osmo – Genius Tangram Osmo – Pizza Co. Osmo – Detective Agency Osmo – Super Studio Osmo – Super Studio

 What does an Osmo do?

Osmo brings education and technology together in a way that’s safe, engaging, and lots of fun for young kids. Their fun learning games use tangible objects in conjuncture with technology to show kids a whole world of learning possibilities!

The learning system offers kits with lots of learning games covering a variety of skills like: math, spelling, critical thinking skills, drawing, problem solving skills, creativity, coding, learning letters. Plus, Osmo makes it easy for parents to check in and track their child’s progress along the way.


Getting Started with Osmo

To begin using Osmo with your kids, you’ll first need a tablet. Osmo works with iPad, Kindle Fire, or iPhone (Osmo Mobile). Next, you’ll need an Osmo base. The base is relatively inexpensive and comes with adapters to ensure it works with any tablet you have. The most important part of the base is a small camera deflector which causes the camera to point down at the screen. This lets your kids see what they’re doing as they play Osmo games.

If you really want to try Osmo, but a creative or genius kit (more about those later) just isn’t in your budget, you can start with just a base and two free games: Masterpiece and Newton. Then, purchase more games when you’re able.

 Osmo – Base for iPad Osmo – Base for Fire Tablet

Finally, you’ll need an internet connection or wifi to set up your Osmo system. Once initial set up is complete, your kids don’t need wifi or an internet connection to play, which makes Osmo a great option for keeping kids engaged in learning when you’re away from home or carschooling.


Homeschooling with Osmo

Osmo is an excellent supplement for homeschoolers! The Words game makes for a really fun way to practice spelling words with customizable albums you can use to plug in the words your child is learning in her homeschool lessons.

We are loving Osmo’s gaming kits, because they make it easy to incorporate many subjects and they’re lots of fun. Here’s what you’ll get with Osmo kits:

Osmo Creative Kit

I happen to think the Osmo creative kit is really exciting! It includes a dry erase board, markers, and three Osmo games: Monster, Masterpiece, and Newton.

Osmo Genius Kit

The Genius kit includes more academic games with Numbers, Words, Tangrams, Newton, and Masterpiece included. These games will help your kids learn lots of important skills while having a whole ton of fun! However, it’s important to remember that Osmo isn’t meant to function as a stand along curriculum. It’s a fantastic learning supplement though.

 Osmo – Creative Starter Osmo – Genius Starter

Have you tried Osmo at home with your kids? If so, which Osmo games are your favorite? The new Math Wizard and The Secrets of The Dragons & Magical Workshop bundle has been a big hit here! We have been using it as an added math supplement to our Waldock’s Wizards and Wands curriculum. 

 Osmo – Math Wizard Osmo – Math Wizard