Stuck at Home! Now What?

Are you stuck at home with kids? Wondering what to do with them for the next few weeks?

I have a few ideas for you!

Stuck at home with kids during coronavirus tips tricks and ideas

First, ditch the color-coded schedule. You are at home and home is a relaxed environment. That perfectly timed scheduled will do nothing but cause headaches for you and your kids. Instead try implementing a routine. This Super Simple Homeschool Routine is my personal favorite.

You have a routine, now what?


Books are very powerful. You can cover any subject, travel to foreign lands, and create long lasting memories. I know most libraries are closed right now. Not to worry I have some suggestions. Look up your favorite authors on social media. Many authors are reading their books live. Search for a book on YouTube, there are tons of librarians, teachers, and parents having virtual story times. Use services such as Hoopla, Scribd, and Over Drive with your library card. You can also sign up for Audible. Be sure to check out these current audible deals first. Pocasts are also a fantastic options for stories. You can see all of our favorite podcasts for learning here.

Book Lists:

Our Favorite Read Alouds
Language Arts Books
Math Books
Science Books
Biography Books
Geography Books
Art & Music Books


Games are an excellent way to spend quality time together as a family and they have the added bonus of being educational in numerous ways. Even the simplest of games teaches turn taking and losing/winning gracefully. If you are looking for an affordable and easy way to add games to your days download my FREE Game Night in a Bag. You can play 15 different games with just a deck of cards and some dice.

Game Lists:

Math Games
Language Arts Games
Science Games
Geography & History Games
Elective Games
Cooperative Games
Single Player Games


Get outside, enjoy nature, and soak up some Vitamin D. Obviously not at a public park or beach but in a secluded area or your back yard. If you would like to read more about the benefits of being outside with kids or find some ideas for outdoor activities, visit 1000 Hours Outside. We will also be incorporating these Creative Nature Walks that help give the child something to do and cover science at the same time.


Being creative can be an outlet for many kids. It can also be something fun to do as a family. Do some art together with Art Hub for Kids video drawing lessons or Chalk Pastels video painting lessons. Enjoy Lunch Doodles with author and illustrator Mo Willems. Challenge your kids to make something awesome using things you have on hand with these Maker Stations. And if you have a LEGO lover be sure to head here for tons of ideas.


If all else fails, turn to the screens. And feel ZERO guilt about it. These are trying times, you are stressed, your kids are stressed. It is totally okay if they get extra screen time right now! If you need to feel a little less guilty about their screen time grab this Minecraft Calendar for some creative building prompts or subscribe to Curiosity Stream for amazing affordable documentaries.

For more fun educational freebies currently being offered click here.


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Are you stuck at home with kids? Wondering what to do with them for the next few weeks? I have a few tips, trick, and some encouragement for you!