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Passport to Adventures is a unit study style curriculum that uses the Magic Tree House books as a spine. It covers science, history, geography, art and more in a hands-on, fun, and multi-sensory way. There are 35 units each designed to last a week.


Passport to Adventures is a unit study style curriculum that uses the Magic Tree House book series as a spine. Because it is mini unit studies it is appropriate for ALL ages.

It includes science, history, geography, art and more in a hands-on, fun, and multi-sensory way. There are 35 units each designed to last a week.

What’s Included:

Teachers Manual includes book list, game list, activities for all ages, field trip ideas, family movie night suggestions and links to Pinterest Boards and YouTube Playlists that will enrich each unit.

Student Notebook includes map page, character comparisons, coloring pages, tracing pages, manuscript copy work pages, cursive copy work pages and writing prompt pages for each unit.

Timeline cards to chart your way through history as you complete each unit, with multiple ways to use them.

Race to Magic Tree House Game which is a simple roll and move board game that will add fun to each unit.

Required Resources:

Magic Tree House Books

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13 reviews for Passport to Adventures

  1. Arlene

    We love Magic Treehouse books, and Passport to Adventures has been the perfect companion. We love the ease of use! The pdf file includes internet links to the added resources to enhance the curriculum. That in itself is a huge help. Most curricula list resources and you have to go on a hunt for it. This makes it so easy, no guessing game, straight to the source. This can easily extend longer than a traditional 36 week schedule for those that homeschool year round. The added reads and activities enriches each book and expands their knowledge base in such a enjoyable way.

  2. Jairy N.

    I am so impressed with all the fun that’s jam packed in this curriculum! It’s super simple to follow and everything from hangs on crafts to videos and games has all been thought out for you. As a HS Mom, this curriculum is just what I need to make my teaching easy easy and fun. Totally recommend it!

  3. Learning Everyday

    just wanted to say that I so appreciate you. This year we embarked on a wonderful charlotte mason curriculum in like January halfway through and 3 weeks in I was loving it for the most part. My daughter was doing okay but my 6 year old son was completely lost. I came across your video about Passports to Adventure and it layed on my heart heavily as something my little boy would adore. I thought hubby would be like no way we just invested in this other program. But I shared my concerns about our son and he asked if I could think of anything else that would work. I shared about Passports and he said “yes that’s it do it!” We started the next day and we have our spark back! My 8 year old is over the moon my six year old is engaged and excited every day! It has made it possible to include my two preschoolers also and it’s just been everything. What a smart idea!! Thank you so much Jessica and I am so appreciative you made this available to other families to share <3 We place high high value on the joy of learning!!

  4. Tess Jones

    If I had had to choose one word to sum up this resource it would be impossible! I’m not sure who enjoyed the first few lessons more, me or my kiddos. This was truly the perfect fit for us. The stories – exciting. This was our first time reading The Magic Tree House Series and it did not disappoint. When you combine the suggested reading that supports the theme, this pushed book lover in all of us over the top. The layout – oh my goodness, left very little for me to do besides print and enjoy. Saying thank you is not nearly enough for the amount happiness your hard work created. Endless night of searching to beef up the unit, gone. From crafts, video links, extra reading material, copy work, games and cool collectors cards for each story, this resource has proven to be a favorite. Again, thank you so much for putting together something that makes learning not only fun for my littles, but less stressful for me. – Tess

  5. De-Shaun Silas

    This is a wonderful resource, everything a teacher would need right at their finger tips. The attention to detail is what is so wonderful, having all the Magic Tree House books and supportive resources in one place is right what a teacher needs. Easy to follow and well written. Thank you for a great product.

  6. Kristen

    This is an excellent resource. The attention to detail is so helpful. We are excited to get started with this program for September. We are a homeschooling family and my children adore magic treehouse. This package is worth every penny for us.

  7. BUYER

    I saw a picture of the items used for the dinosaur unit (unit 1) and wound up buying this curriculum, even though we do virtual online school and don’t technically homeschool. It just looked like so much fun and I love that it includes game suggestions to go along with each unit. I asked the kids (10 and 7) if they though it looked like fun stuff to do over the summer and both said YES! Then we proceeded to binge watched the entire middle ages youtube watchlist in the preview. Thanks for making such an awesome and FUN learning tool!

  8. Blayne Burke

    I feel like this curriculum was MADE for my son. We will be using this as our main science/history/geography curriculum for this coming homeschool year. However, after reading through the curriculum and showing my son, we are ready to jump in now. It is SO thorough and all encompassing. Each book is a new adventure, and the creator of this curriculum did a great job allowing us to explore each topic to the utmost! There are SO many options with this curriculum that I cannot wait to dig right in. The extras like the timeline, the movie tickets, and the games are so enriching and really bring the curriculum to life!! I can’t wait to get more items from The Waldock Way!! I’m hooked for life!

  9. The Simple Rugged Path

    This curriculum is amazing. It is jam packed with so much stuff. It truly is family friendly, providing a curriculum that the whole family can enjoy together. And I love that Jessica included not only the ideas of adding read alouds, games and crafts, but also shares many links on where to find these items and how to do them. She truly thought of everything, making it so easy for the busy homeschool mom to use.

  10. Jennifer

    This is such a fun curriculum and so well planned. The Magic Treehouse stories themself are neat to read and my kids enjoy them. Then Jessica took it to the next level by expanding on the learning opportunities by adding the written work & pictures and with the Pinterest links, activities, YouTube links, Extra books and games to enhance the experience. You can keep it simple or really dig deep into learning each week. The flexibility is wonderful!

    My favorite part is the online links on the “digital” teachers manual, just click it and it takes you where you need to go (Pinterest, YouTube, Amazon, etc..). So easy!

    I was hesitant to buy this at first because I’ve tried several curriculums that my kids just weren’t into but I’m SO GLAD we purchased this curriculum. My kids are loving it and so am I.

    Thanks so much Jessica!

  11. Kristina

    These are great to build unit studies, or add to unit studies you’ve already planned!

  12. Jennifer

    It is hard to find something that interests my kids when it comes to learning, so I thought I would give this a shot. I have an 8/9th grade daughter and an 4th grade son. Through this program, my kids have come to enjoy the little mini-units (as we call them) and have even asked to do a larger monthly study unit on a few of the topics. Well planned, easy to navigate. I love the options for print or cursive. The teacher’s manual is a wonderful resource and I use it daily. I love the fact you can just click in the ebook form and it will take you right to the item to buy, YouTube video, Pinterest pin, or other resource. I highly recommend this. We also got the Passport to More Adventures and will start that as soon as we finish this.

  13. Ashley

    This curriculum made our school year a blast! The Magic Tree House books are fantastic, but this curriculum complimented the books perfectly and let us dive deeper into topics. My the end of the school year, I was impressed by how much geography, history, and biographies my daughter had learned. The curriculum is very easy to use, little prep work, and easily adaptable to your child’s interest or needs. I always recommend Waldock curriculum to new homeschoolers.

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