Homeschooling An Only Child For The First Time (after ten years of homeschooling)

Suddenly Homeschooling an Only Child

For every homeschool family of any size, there will come a time when there is only one school aged child left. This means that most of us, at one point or another, will find ourselves homeschooling an only child for Read more…

Top Myths About Homeschooling An Only That Might Surprise You

Top Myths About Homeschooling An Only Child

It’s not always easier to homeschool an only child. There are lots of unique benefits and challenges too. For example, you can focus on quality one-on-one lessons with an only child. However, you might have to get creative to provide Read more…

Can I Really Homeschool an Only Child?

Homeschooling an Only Child

Can I really homeschool an only child? What about socialization? What about alone time? Won’t it be hard? These might be just a few of your homeschooling an only child question…. Let me give you the resources you need!