Why Teaching Textbooks Is Perfect For Homeschooling Your Only Child

Homeschooling an only child isn’t easy, it’s different. There are some unique challenges we face when choosing a curriculum and homeschooling an only child. I’ve learned to manage the difficulties with a few great resources and tips.

I’m excited to share our favorite way to homeschool math! The Teaching Textbook program has been a lifesaver for us as we homeschool our only child because it gives Emily a chance to learn from someone that’s not me.

There are lots of reasons we love Teaching Textbooks and lots of reasons I think it’s the perfect math program for homeschooling an only child. Keep reading to discover what we love about it and how it can help you as you homeschool your only child too.

The Reality Of Homeschooling An Only Child

There are some real challenges you’ll need to address when you’re homeschooling an only child. For example, homeschooling an only child often means being my daughter’s “everything.” When you’re together all the time and it’s just the two of you, you’ll find that you become your child’s everything. 

I’m her playmate, teacher, mom, and everything else all in one. It can be overwhelming at times to be the only one your child can come to for a chat, to play games with, to get help from, or even to release frustration. Over time, I’ve discovered some resources to help us manage the challenges of homeschooling an only child and really take advantage of the benefits too.

Teaching Textbooks has been our go-to for homeschool math. It’s definitely helped me manage some of the challenges of homeschooling an only child.

Teaching Textbooks For Math In Your Homeschool

I love the flexibility Teaching Textbooks gives us. It’s an online/offline program, so we can always take it with us, without bringing along lots of books and manipulatives. 

When we’re at home, there’s no setup involved. Emily can grab her device and dive right into her next math lesson. Her progress is always saved and her curriculum is personalized to fit just right. There’s also plenty of feedback for parents so I can stay on top of her progress and be aware of her struggles too.

They start with a video, do practice problems, and get a tutor to explain the ones they have missed and how to correct them. I don’t have to explain it.

I love that the focus is on helping Emily figure out where she went wrong and teaching her how to do it the right way. It’s a hands-on approach that’s perfect for learning on the go. The built-in incentives are motivating for kids that don’t usually love math and there are tons of opportunities to take the lead in their own learning too.

When Emily masters a concept, she can skip ahead or go back for extra practice if she needs. She can even rewind lessons and do them again if she wasn’t paying attention or if she missed something the first time. There’s even a scratch pad for doing extra work, so I don’t have to pack pens and paper if we’re carschooling. 

Why Teaching Textbooks Is Perfect For Homeschooling An Only Child

When you’re homeschooling an only child, you’re the person your child learns from all the time. You are always together and they get everything from you. Sometimes, that’s too much.  Sometimes I need a break from being the one that does all the things. 

I think it’s important for Emily to learn from others too. I want her to take instructions from others and learn from them too. Teaching Textbooks means there’s another teacher in the house that can introduce new math concepts and tutor her as she works toward mastering them.

Teaching Textbooks definitely takes one subject off my plate and provides an outlet for Emily that isn’t me. Let’s be honest, homeschooling an only child can be a lot; sometimes we just need a break from each other. Teaching Textbooks gives us that break.

While Emily is working on her math lessons, I’m free to get other things done in the house or take a break for myself. I know I’ll get a report about what she did that day and how she’s doing in the program, so I don’t have to worry.

Plus, the Teaching Textbooks program is affordable. When you’re homeschooling an only child that’s really important. 

Since you won’t be able to reuse your curriculum or manipulatives, you need to make sure the curriculum you choose is budget-friendly. Having a math program that’s affordable means it’s ok that I won’t get “extra use” out of it in the end.

The best part is Teaching Textbooks offers a free trial! The free trial will allow you to experience everything contained in the first 15 lessons, including the lectures, audiovisual solutions, eBook, and automated grading feature.

Additional Resources For Homeschooling An Only Child

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There are a lot of myths about homeschooling an only child too! One of the most popular myths is that it’s easier. It’s not easier, just different. 

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Do you have a favorite tip for alleviating some of the pressures of homeschooling an only child? What’s your go-to curriculum for math? Share your favorite tips and resources in the comments for everyone to check out.