Finding A Homeschool Math Program That Really Works

Have you tried lots of different math curricula and have yet to find one that really clicks? I invite you to try Teaching Textbooks. This math program has made math exciting at our home again! My daughter looks forward to math now. She loves the new Teaching Textbooks 4.0 program

If you’re looking for a new math program, you probably have lots of questions. Which type of program is better: spiral or mastery? Is the Teaching Textbooks program on grade level? Is it common core aligned or accredited? 

Today, I’d like to explore Teaching Textbooks with you and answer your questions about homeschooling math with this program. Keep reading to discover why we have fallen in love with the new Teaching Textbooks 4.0  math program.

Have you tried lots of different math curricula and have yet to find one that really clicks? I invite you to try Teaching Textbooks. This math program really works!

Using the Teaching Textbooks Homeschool Math Placement Test

I love it when a program we are using offers a placement test. I can still choose whatever level I think is best, but having a placement test helps me better understand what Teaching Textbooks will be focusing on with each level and checks to see what my child retained from the previous level. 

You can use the placement test from Teaching Textbooks to determine the right place for your child to begin. Early levels of Teaching Textbooks are user friendly with an on-screen buddy, a searchable textbook, and personalized background for kids to choose. It’s a great way to get reluctant kids excited about learning math.

Is Teaching Textbooks a Spiral or Mastery Program?

Teaching Textbooks has a spiral approach to review. This means that after teaching new math concepts to kids, the program will continue to revisit and review them throughout the year. Using the spiral method, students revisit concepts throughout the year and in subsequent years. Kids get a chance to build on what they already know and dive deeper into the concepts and information provided. Plus, it’s a great way to help kids make connections between the math they learned previously and the new concepts they’re learning now.

The program is not common core aligned, instead it teaches math the way we learned it. However, Teaching Textbooks is used by Seton, a nationally accredited homeschool curriculum. You won’t be disappointed with the quality of the program. Unlike some other math programs that are fun for kids but lacking rigor, Teaching Textbooks will ensure your kids get a solid math foundation and have fun doing it.

How does the program work?

Teaching Textbooks isn’t just math curriculum books, it’s an online program. Plus, with version 4.0, books are online too. Lessons are completed on the computer or tablet. If you’re a fan of making technology work for you, you’re going to love Teaching Textbooks.

How does Teaching Textbooks work? Kids will watch a video lesson, complete practice problems, and then watch as a tutor explains how to correct the ones they have missed. I love it because the program focuses on explaining things to kids, actually teaching them rather than just abstract video lectures. 

The practice section of Teaching Textbooks is a lot of fun for kids too. It moves at a steady pace with built-in incentives to do well, but kids can always go back for more practice on concepts they have mastered previously. If your kids are independent learners, Teaching Textbooks will give them the independence they crave while letting you check all their scores and mastered concepts behind the scenes.

Our Favorite Teaching Textbooks 4.0 Features

There are lots of new features in the 4.0 version that you’re going to love. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Kids can learn independently. Teaching Textbooks does all the teaching and the grading which frees up parents and helps kids build confidence.
  • Safety nets like strategically placed hints and step by step tutorial videos help kids when they’re struggling without having to ask parents repeatedly. This helps kids not to get discouraged when they struggle.
  • Free tutoring hotline available for kids who need extra help understanding and completing their math work.
  • Rewind lessons and lectures to hear them again when you need extra practice or reminders.
  • Scratch pad feature gives kids space to work out equations and show their work right in the app while learning math on the go.

Can I use Teaching Textbooks in my homeschool all year?

You might be wondering if this program will really cover all your math curriculum needs for the year. The answer is, yes! Teaching Textbooks offers 120 lessons and can be completed by doing just one lesson each day. Plus, kids can always review completed lessons when extra practice is needed. 

With the new Teaching Textbooks 4.0, you can purchase access to 12 months of the program which will allow you to practice math skills with your kids every day of the year. I think doing math daily is important, so we really like this option. 

Plus, Teaching Textbooks offers a 3 month pause you can use to take a break for the Summer or whenever your family needs to step away from lessons for a while. You can try the program before you buy it with a free trial of the first 15 lessons in any level. It’s a great way to see if Teaching Textbooks is right for your kids.

I hope I’ve inspired you to check out the new 4.0  program with your kids this year. The free trial is a great way to spend a little time deciding if this program is the game changer you need for math learning in your homeschool. Plus, it’s available without flash and can run without a wifi connection, so you’ll be able to take Teaching Textbooks on the go as you travel too.

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Are you looking for a new math program this year? Have you tried Teaching Textbooks? Share your experiences in the comments section and let me know what you thought about the program. I can’t wait to read your opinions too!