Traveling the Parks

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Traveling the Parks helps you travel America’s 60 National Parks in a unit study fashion which is appropriate for ALL ages!


Traveling the Parks helps you travel America’s 60 National Parks in a unit study fashion which is appropriate for ALL ages!

What’s Included:

Teachers Manual includes book list, game list, activities, and a link/QR code to a virtual tour for all 60 National Parks.

Student Notebook includes map page, numbers in the park page, travel journal page, animal profile page, and more for each of the 60 parks.

Animal Profiles that cover an animal for each park including a photo, fun facts, scientific name, predators, and prey.

Game Pack that includes Memory, Bingo, Guess in 10, and Pictionary game play options.

Also included are post card, brochure, and report templates to enrich and extend the learning experience.

You will also get the Who Was Theodore Roosevelt Mini Unit Study.

Required Resources:

America’s National Parks

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3 reviews for Traveling the Parks

  1. Erin

    The Waldock Way’s Traveling the Parks is an excellent unit-study-style curriculum. It helps you travel to 60 of our National parks through videos, books, and hands-on activities! You can easily pair it with the Traveling the States curriculum and simply visit the national park as you also study the state that it resides in. Study the parks in any order you wish and enjoy all of the interesting facts and tidbits you’ll discover along the way. You won’t be disappointed!

  2. Kendra

    The Traveling Parks Unit Study by The Waldock Way is a versatile, engaging unit study that brings a sense of awe to a new generation of kids for the National Parks System. Interdisciplinary learning and, thus, critical thinking are hallmarks of this unit study. My kids learned math, science, social studies, history, and life skills while studying the National Parks. They understood what goes into planning a road trip, considering the cost of gas, food, hotel, and park admission. They also had to think through what activities they would plan to do at each park, what animals they’d want to look out for, and evaluate the best options to make the most of their trip. Traveling the Parks is a fantastic way to get kids excited about the treasures surrounding them and critically think through what it will take to travel to visit the National Parks.

  3. Katie Orr

    I’m impressed with the quality and myriad of options to show what my child has learned, games to play, as well as the simplicity of one book needed, but oh so much more in resources and even QR codes for a video on each park. Jessica did a phenomenal job putting this unit study together! With my vacation rental near two National Parks (Zion & Bryce), I am excited to offer it to my homeschooling guests.

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