Make Writing Magical with Night Zookeeper

For many kids, writing can be a big challenge. Emily is one of those kids! If that’s your child too, you might want to check out Night Zookeeper. It’s an award winning interactive game platform that teaches kids creative writing skills while they play. Yes, it’s as cool as it sounds! Want to learn more about Night Zookeeper and our experience with the program? Keep reading to learn more and get a free trial of the program for your kids to use today.

For many kids, writing can be a big challenge. Night Zookeeper is an award winning interactive game platform that teaches kids creative writing skills while they play. Yes, it’s as cool as it sounds!

Improve Core Writing Skills with Night Zookeeper

If your kids are following the public school standards for reading and writing, you’re going to love this platform. Lots of game-like programs operate on standards that don’t always match up with state standards, but Night Zookeeper has tons of engaging games and exciting challenges to motivate your kids while following the standards for education in reading and writing.

Night Zookeeper has helped my daughter expand her vocabulary while creating some very cool stories to share with other kids. I really like the communal aspect this affords us as a homeschooling family too. Especially since Emily is an only child, it gives her that community. 

We are also using the program to learn about sentence structure and basic grammar skills. You’re going to love the fun games they use to teach grammar. I definitely wish grammar had been as exciting as Night Zookeeper makes it when I was in school!

Personalized Feedback 

Another feature we are loving is the feedback she gets regularly from her tutors in the program. Instead of a simple “Good Job!” from the game and feedback from me, Night Zookeeper gives my child suggestions she can use to improve her writing in the future. 

Her tutors send feedback via text message, which is another really cool feature for kids. These positive messages are sent right after she finishes her writing assignment, so she’s getting quick feedback that encourages her to keep writing even when it becomes challenging. 

Weekly Lessons 

NIght Zookeeper teaches key reading and writing skills using interactive videos and some really cool games. There are thousands of lessons available covering a variety of topics for kids to explore and learn about. In the weekly lessons, your kids will get to create a piece of writing each week, get positive feedback to help them improve their skills, write about tons of topics in a variety of writing styles (narrative, persuasive, poetry, etc.), and share their stories with others.

The best part? Lessons are just 30 minutes, once a week. However, if your child is like mine, she’ll want to play the games in Night Zookeeper much more often. Since the program can easily be enjoyed from tablets, it’s easy to use this game-like platform for learning on the go or as we like to call it carschooling

Writing Competitions and Publishing Opportunities

If your child has a competitive spirit, she’ll love learning and building writing skills with Night Zookeeper, because this game teaches through competition. Each week, Night Zookeeper invites kids to compete in online writing competitions with other kids around the world. These competitions often have real prizes like books and card games. It’s incredibly motivating for reluctant writers! 

The program also uses awards during game play to encourage and motivate kids to keep going and improve their writing skills. On top of badges for creativity and word count, kids can earn special lessons, extra animals, and “fight” new monsters in the game.

If you have a future author on your hands, check out Night Zookeeper’s publishing opportunities for kids. Kids can compete to have their work published in Night Zookeeper books. That’s a pretty big feat for a six year old!

Free Monthly Educational Printables 

If you’re looking for more hands-on, low-tech activities to help your child with their reading and writing skills, Night Zookeeper also offers free monthly printables to practice the skills your child is learning in the game at home. 

These worksheets follow the game play closely, making them a lot of fun for kids since they’re already invested in the characters and challenges of Night Zookeeper. You can capitalize on their interest in the game to get extra writing practice on paper with these free educational printables each month.

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