Carschooling: How to Homeschool on the Go

How do you homeschool when you are never home and always on the go? You carschool!

Carschooling is a fantastic way to learn on while you’re on the go. If you are anything like us and find yourself in the car more than at home it might be the perfect way to sneak in some extra lessons.

Do you spend a lot of time on the go? Feel like you are always in the car? Carschooling is a great thing to implement to facilitate learning on go!

Why We Use Carschooling for Homeschool on the Go

We live an hour from civilization. That means anytime we need to go to the library, grocery store, doctor, etc. it is a two hour round trip. Even though we try to consolidate the majority of our errands to one day a week, it still adds up to quite a bit of time in the car.

The thought of “losing” that many instructional hours a day made me crazy. That’s when I decided to find a way to start carschooling.

The first thing I did was buy this very large, very sturdy seat organizer.  It is perfect for housing all of the things for our carschooling. I often change it out and fill it up with new fun “sneaky” learning things. This way she has easy access to fun educational items that will keep her busy and happy while we drive.

Some of Our Favorite Carschooling Resources

One of our most utilized carschooling resources are audio books. We love listening to audio books in the car as a family while we drive. Normally, we have a specific in the car audio book going at any given time. We use apps such as Hoopla, Libby, and Audible for listening.

Audio Books the Whole Family Will Enjoy:



More Items We Love for Carschooling:



Podcasts are also an awesome resource for homeschooling on the go. There are so many podcasts to choose from. It makes it easy to cover any and all subjects and find something your child will love. Be sure to check out Our Ultimate Guide to Children’s Podcasts for an extensive list.

Answers to Commonly Asked Carschooling Questions

Below you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions I get about carschooling.

Do you use screens in the car?

Yes, we do also have a tablet that has educational apps on it and I almost always have it in my purse as a backup just in case. But most of the time, unless its night time and dark, she doesn’t ask for it in the car very often.

If you looking to do lessons in the car you could use a tablet to take online classes or complete math and language arts using programs like Teaching Textbooks and Night Zookeeper.

Do you have carschool requirements?

I don’t require that she do anything while we are in the car. In fact sometimes we just sing and dance or she enjoys just looking out the window. She is free to do the items as little or as much as she would like.

How often do you swap things out?

I change everything out about once a month. The organizer has handles which is very convenient, so once a month, or whenever I find she is growing tired of the items I grab the whole thing and bring it inside. It usually takes me 15 to 20 minutes to clean it out and load it back up with new fresh fun things. I figure that is a small price to pay for mostly peaceful car rides.

What about car or motion sickness?

We are very fortunate that none of us get car sick. I am aware that many kids do get carsick so carschooling in this manner is not an option for everyone. In this case though I would definitely still do audio books and podcasts.

Do you find that you are always on the go? If so, give carschooling a try! It might help you accomplish more homeschool lessons and enjoy your time in the car together.

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