The Best Single Player Games for Your Homeschool

Games are so much fun and a great way to learn but what if you have an only child, a child who likes to play more than others, or kids who need alone time but they still want to play games?

I have a solution for you – one player games.

Most single player games come with varying levels of puzzles of challenges. This makes them a great investment because they can work for a large range of ages and grow with your kids.

What if you have an only child who likes playing games more than you? I have a solution for you - single player games and here is a list of the best!

Most of our one player games can be played by both Emily and I while still challenging us both.

I love using these games for strewing and carschooling. They are perfect for those times when I just need a break and a quick, easy, and fun way to keep Emily entertained for a bit.

The majority of these single player games also have the added benefit of being logic and critical thinking games so you can also check that off of your homeschool to do list as well.


 ThinkFun Rush Hour Traffic Jam Brain ThinkFun Gravity Maze Marble Run Brain ThinkFun Cat Crimes Brain Game and Educational Insights BrainBolt – Brain Teaser Educational Insights Kanoodle | Brain Twisting ThinkFun Brain Fitness Solitaire Chess Logic Simon Micro Series Game, Single ThinkFun Color Cube Sudoku – Fun, Hasbro Gaming Bop It! Micro Series ThinkFun Shape by Shape Creative Pattern SmartGames Jump in’, a Cognitive Skill-Building ThinkFun Amaze Think Fun Invasion of The Cow ThinkFun Fifteen Puzzle – Classic Puzzle SmartGames Temple Trap Cognitive Skill-Building Travel SmartGames IQ Twist, a Travel Game Educational Insights Kanoodle Genius | Brain Cat Stax The Purrfect Packing Puzzle ThinkFun Roller Coaster Challenge STEM Toy ThinkFun Clue Master Logic Game and Mindware – Q-bitz Educational Insights Kanoodle Duplexity, Puzzle Challenges, SmartGames IQ XOXO, a Travel Game ThinkFun Hoppers Logic Game – Teaches ThinkFun Balance Beans Math Game For ThinkFun Minecraft Magnetic Travel Puzzle Logic Think Fun Tipover,40 Challenge Cards Think Fun Lunar Landing Logic Game SmartGames Camelot Jr. Wooden Cognitive Skill-Building SmartGames Smart Farmer Board Game, a SmartGames Atlantis Escape; a 3D Path-Building SmartGames Color Code Cognitive Skill-Building Puzzle SmartGames Little Red Riding Hood Deluxe SmartGames Three Little Piggies – Deluxe SmartGames Squirrels Go Nuts Skill Building SmartGames Temple Connection Board Game, a SmartGames Trucky 3 Wooden Skill-Building Puzzle SmartGames Bunny Peek a Boo SmartGames Jump in’, a Cognitive Skill-Building SmartGames Jump in’, a Cognitive Skill-Building SmartGames Penguins Parade Skill-Building Magnetic Travel SmartGames GoldMine Skill-Building Magnetic Travel Game Travel Tangoes – Waterworld Smart/Tangoes USA Travel Magic Forest


Tracking Your Single Player Game Play

Being able to quantify game playing as “school” doesn’t have to be hard. You can just keep track of the games you play. I reccomend using a game log. There is one avaliable in my FREE Guide to Gameschooling. It is perfect for logging the games you’ve played and easy to add into a homeschool portfolio if you have to keep one.