The Best Online Classes For Your Homeschool

We love incorporating online classes into our homeschool days. We have been using them for years to enrich and extend our learning.

Online classes offer Emily the abilty to learn from teacher other than me. Teachers who are experts in their field. Especially when those topics are things I may not know a lot about. There is also the added benefit of the space and time apart we get when she is taking a class online.

We love incorporating online classes into our homeschool days. They are fantastic for those days when I am sick, busy, or just need a break.

Our Favorite Online Homeschool Classes

Online classes are also fantastic for those days when I am sick, busy, or just need a break. You know, those days when you really wish you could call a substitute teacher? I just use these!

Substitute Teachers for Your Homeschool You Are An Artist Chalk Pastels

You Are An Artist Chalk Pastels

Nana entered our homeschool at a time when my daughter was a perfectionist. Art was a nightmare because she could never quite get the project to look right.

The first time she heard Nana’s sweet voice tell her that mistakes were okay and that she WAS an artist changed her entire outlook on art.

For me it is an added bonus that for the lessons you only need paper, chalk pastels, and a baby wipe or wet paper towel.

Substitute Teachers for Your Homeschool SQUILT Music


I know absolutely nothing about music. Which is why I am so glad Miss Mary can teach my daughter about it.

I would much rather her learn from someone who knows what they are talking about and loves the topic. And Miss Mary definitely loves music, her love for it pours out through the computer screen.

Miss Mary makes music fun. She has even manages to make a quiz (more commonly called a SQUIZ) enjoyable too.

Substitute Teachers for Your Homeschool No Sweat Nature Study

No Sweat Nature Study

Cindy has a knack for teaching. She is one of those people who is just born to do it. I love that her classes require so little just paper and color pencils. That means I don’t have to prepare anything.

Emily has a nature notebook and she can just grab it when it is time for a class. Cindy makes nature study easy and she somehow even manages to get my reluctant writer to write!

Online Lego Class

LEGO Class – Interactive Bricks

Bethany has a love for kids, bricks, and bots which shines through the screen as she engages each and every student in her LEGO class.

She provides fresh new topics each week with a scientific, engineering, or historical focus. While the students construct a LEGO build inspired by that topic she gives them facts and information about it as well. Then each student gets a chance to explain the features of their build.

It is by far the best LEGO class Emily has ever taken.

Online Classes for Homeschool


Outschool is a marketplace for online classes. They help to connect motivated learners, parents, and teachers together to create great learning experiences.

There are tons of classes on any and every topic or skill you can think of. We have taken quite a few classes over the past few years, the following are the ones Emily enjoyed and recommends.

More Resources For Online Learning In Your Homeschool

This past year we started incorporating online curriculum for math and language arts into our homeschool and loved it! Teaching Textbooks was the first math that ever really resonated with Emily and Night Zookeeper helped her find her writers voice. We highly recommend both of them!

Take a look at these options for online learning as well!


  1. normally when I am not feeling well…we just don’t do school…but I like that there are options…I really need to look into squilt for the boys music…

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    Thanks for taking the time to create this list. Your resources are amazing and my homeschool is better since Abby at Rooted in Rest directed me to your YouTube channel during one of your colabs. Thanks for reply so quickly to me email about the lego class.

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