The Very Best Documentaries for Your Homeschool

We love watching documentaries in our homeschool! Documentaries are perfect for your homeschool because they are an amazing way to learn.

I can not tell you how many times Emily has schooled me on something and then said I saw it on a show. It always astounds me how much she learns and recalls from just watching a documentary.

Documentaries are great for learning! CuriosityStream is the perfect resource for educational documentaries for your homeschool.

Our favorite resource for documentaries is CuriosityStream.

Using Curiosity Stream For Documentaries In Your Homeschool

Curiosity Stream is a video-on-demanding streaming service. You can watch CuriosityStream on TV, computer, tablet, or mobile.

It exclusively delivers nonfiction documentaries and series about science, nature, history, technology, and more. Curiosity Stream costs $2.99 a month or $19.99 a year for the high-definition service.

Our entire family enjoys the award winning documentations available. Your family can try Curiosity Stream for free for 7 days. After our 7 day free trial of Curiosity Stream ended I eagerly signed up for the entire year.

Documentaries for Homeschool

Reasons We Love Curiosity Stream for Homeschooling

The Variety

There has yet to be a topic that we wanted to learn more about that we couldn’t find a documentary about.

Emily loves anything about animals and after months of trying she has yet to run out of animal documentaries to watch.

The Length

Most of the documentaries are 20 to 30 minutes long. For us this is the perfect length. Which means we can watch a quick episode over dinner or before bed.

Don’t get me wrong I am not opposed to longer documentaries, but sometimes we just don’t have 1-2 hours to devote to sitting in front of the television.

The Learning

I love that I can open Curiosity Stream and know that any choice will be educational. Sometimes, I just need to feel less guilty about screen time. Curiosity Stream helps do just that!

I suffer from allergies and migraines so some days I just can’t function. I love that on those days I can hand Emily the remote and say watch anything you want on CuriosityStream and know that she will be learning at the same level if not higher than what I would have been teaching.

Documentaries for Homeschool

The Very Best Documentaries For Learning In Your Homeschool

I thought it would be helpful to have an ongoing list of Curiosity Stream suggestions. I will be updating this list as often as possible with Curiosity Stream documentaries we are watching and loving in our homeschool.

  • Rock the Park
  • Jack Hanna’s Wild Countdown
  • The Secret Life of Dogs
  • Big World in a Small Garden
  • Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin
  • Secrets of the Solar System
  • Amazing Gravity
  • Space Probes
  • The Secret Life of Cats
  • Conversations with Dolphins
  • Ice Age Giants
  • The Secret World of Lego
  • Spy in the Wild
  • Curious Minds: Astronomy
  • American Icons
  • The Secret Lives of Big Cats
  • Curious Minds: Dinosaurs
  • Walking with Beasts
  • Walking with Dinosaurs
  • Deep Ocean
  • Going Nuts: Tales from Squirrel World
  • Quarx
  • Dragons & Damsels
  • Animal Builders
  • Great Barrier Reef
  • Super Smart Animals
  • Animal Super Senses
  • Spy in the Wild
  • Planet Parrot
  • The Dark-Nature’s Nighttime World
  • Owls: Masters of the Night
  • Innovation Nation with Mo Rocca
  • Nature’s Mathematics

With Curiosity Stream the options for adding documentaries to your homeschool days really are endless!

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