50 Awesome Book & Movie Combos For Your Homeschool

When I was in school my favorite thing ever was when we would read a book that was made into a movie in our class. It always meant after we finished reading we would watch the movie together.

I looked forward to books that had movie adaptations because it was so fun to read, watch, and have lively discussions with each other about the difference or changes between the book and the movie.

Awesome Book & Movie Combos For Your Homeschool - Add some fun to your homeschool by reading these books, watching these movies, and using the FREE PRINTABLES to compare and contrast the two.

To bring some of that excitement into our own home, over the last few years we have established a summer tradition in our family. We make a list of a handful of books that have been brought to life on the big screen and challenge ourselves to read and watch them before summers end.

It is such a great way for us to connect with each other.

We become invested in the story and develop strong feelings toward the characters.When we finish reading (or listening) to the book we watch the movie.

Sometimes we get extravagant and make themed snacks or we just pop some popcorn. Once the movie is over we have some awesome discussions. This is my favorite part!

Book and Movie Comparisions

We will discuss what was different from the book and the movie. Which we preferred and why. We will even sometimes rewrite the story using parts from the book and movie that we liked combined.

Here’s a  few example questions to get the discussion started:

  • What was different in the movie?
  • Was the setting what you imagined?
  • Were the characters true to the author’s description?
  • Did you prefer the book or the movie? Why?

If you need even more help getting the discussion started you can grab a book and movie discussion guide from Mary Hanna Wilson.

I decided I wanted a way to record our amazing book and movie discussions so I made a simple printable. Using the printable pages we can easily review the book and the movie then create lists of the differences and similarities between the two.

Free Book and Movie List and Comparision Worksheets

This tradition brings our family so much joy that I made a list of 50 family friendly book and movie combos to bring joy to your homeschool and help your family start connecting today!

Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH



The Borrowers



Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey



Stuart Little






Mr. Popper’s Penguins



Fantastic Mr. Fox



Judy Moody



The Tale of Despereaux



Because of Winn Dixie






The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe



Pippi Longstocking






Nancy Drew



Harriet the Spy



How to Train Your Dragon



James and the Giant Peach



The Witches






The Indian in the Cupboard



Ella Enchanted









The Golden Compass



Wizard of Oz



Justin Morgan had a Horse



Misty Chincoteague






The Giver






Johnny Tremain



Black Stallion/Beauty



The Wind in the Willows



The Secret Garden



My Side of the Mountain



Bridge to Terabithia






The Invention of Huge Cabret



Percy Jackson



Harry Potter



I think we love when there is more than one movie adaptation of a book the most. We read the book and watch all of the movies together. We almost always have different favorites for various reasons which makes the discussions we have even more interesting.

Alice in Wonderland



Mary Poppins



101 Dalmatians






Charlie and the Chocolate Factory



Jungle Book



Charlotte’s Web



Peter Pan



Doctor DoLittle


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