Teaching Textbooks: Great For On The Go Learning

Homeschooling is filled with opportunities to take advantage of real-world learning. Still, it can be challenging to begin “learning on the go” at first. Since I’m trying to include a few field trips in our lesson plans each month, I’ve been searching for more fun ways to homeschool on the go.

I’ve discovered some excellent tools and tips for learning in the car and from hotel rooms. One of our favorites is a program that has made math fun and engaging no matter where we are learning. This online program works well for homeschooling on the go!

Keep reading to learn more about our “learning on the go” choice for math: Teaching Textbooks. I’ll share how we use it to make practicing math concepts fun and engaging on the go. Plus, I’ll give you the scoop on all the things we love about the program for homeschooling math too.

Homeschooling On The Go

We love field trips! They’re great for getting out of the house, providing real-world practical learning opportunities, and bringing our lessons to life. Plus, they help make homeschooling an only child feel less lonely on the hard days. 

All this travel has made it important to find learning programs we can use to homeschool on the go. Sometimes it’s all about discovering something we can carry with us easily. Other times, it’s about finding a new program or supplement that makes learning on the go fun and easy too. 

I’m not afraid to incorporate learning on screens when appropriate to get the job done. In fact, we have come to learn adding learning apps, online classes, and educational videos to our homeschool lesson plans. That’s how I discovered the Teaching Textbooks program.

Our Choice For Math: Teaching Textbooks

Teaching Textbooks isn’t just a math curriculum book we pack in the car, it’s a complete online learning program. When we’re homeschooling on the go, Emily can finish her math lessons on her tablet. If you’re a fan of making technology work for you, this is definitely the math program you need for your homeschool learners.

How does it work? They start with a video, do practice problems, and get a tutor to explain the ones they have missed and how to correct them. 

I love that the focus is on helping Emily figure out where she went wrong and teaching her how to do it the right way. It’s a hands-on approach that’s perfect for learning on the go.

As an added bonus, Emily thinks Teaching Textbooks is fun! When’s the last time your homeschooler thought math was fun? The built in incentives are ultra motivating for kids that don’t normally enjoy math. Plus, there are lots of opportunities for independent learners to take the reins and move forward when they have mastered a concept.

Some of Emily’s favorite things about Teaching Textbooks include:

  • Wallpaper options with fun designs to make it all her own.
  • The “choose a buddy” option that allows her to choose a math friend to accompany her during the lessons. 
  • She can customize the hints and sounds to make the whole experience personal and fun for herself. In fact, the whole system is super customizable to make it fun and engaging.

On The Go With Teaching Textbooks

Having a program that’s totally online like Teaching Textbooks makes it easy to homeschool on the go without lugging lots of math books, scratch paper, and manipulatives with you in the car or to the hotel. With wifi connections available just about everywhere, it’s easy for homeschoolers to log in and do their math during downtime at the hotel, in the backseat on a road trip, or waiting at a busy restaurant. 

Here are our top favorites about homeschooling on the go with Teaching Textbooks:

  • Emily can move at her own pace and I can still check her scores and comprehension too.
  • The step-by-step instructions and built in “hint” buttons make it easy for her to get extra help, even from the backseat, without getting discouraged.
  • The free tutoring hotline is like an extra safety net when she’s really struggling with a new concept.
  • We can rewind lessons and do them again if Emily is unfocused the first time or just needs a good review.
  • The scratch pad gives her extra space to work out problems right on the screen which means no lugging around extra notebooks or pencils when we’re traveling.
  • Parents get daily emails with important updates including which lessons your child has completed and how they did on the material.

I’m loving the new feature on Teaching Textbooks too! It’s perfect for travel, even if you’re going to be away from wifi. This feature allows homeschoolers to download up to six lessons at a time to complete offline. 

With this feature you can use courses even when you’re camping in the mountains. Then, the completed lessons automatically sync up with the online gradebook when you get back online. Could they make homeschooling on the go any easier?

Okay, I’ve shared our favorite way to homeschool math on the go, now I want to read about yours. Share your tips and tricks for fitting in math learning and practice when you’re learning on the go. I can’t wait to read about your favorite ways to get the job done in the comments!