Why Teaching Textbooks Is Our Choice for Homeschool Math

Have you tried lots of different math programs and yet to find the one you love? I’d like to invite you to try Teaching Textbooks. This math program has made math fun for us again! 

Emily looks forward to her math lessons now. That’s the biggest reason Teaching Textbooks is our choice for homeschool math. If you’re looking for a new way to homeschool math, you’ve probably got lots of questions. 

In this article, I’m going to share how we homeschool math, how we use teaching textbooks to make math fun, and why it’s been our choice for math lessons again and again. Plus, I’ll share additional resources for homeschool math you can use to bring your lessons to life this year.

Math In Our Homeschool

I love math so it came as a bit of a surprise when Emily didn’t share my enthusiasm. Over the years, we got creative with all kinds of ways to make learning math fun. Some of our favorites include math picture books, math games, and real-world math projects

Yahtzee on family game night became a super fun way to practice our math facts and master multiplication. Bedtime Math stories found a permanent spot in our bedtime book basket. Teaching Textbooks became our go-to for homeschool lessons at home and on the go. 

The Teaching Textbooks program works well on Emily’s tablet, even offline, making it an easy choice to bring along when we are traveling, camping, or just running errands in town. I love that we can use it offline and sync up later so I can see where Emily is with her lessons and how she’s doing.

How We Use Teaching Textbooks

So how do we use Teaching Textbooks and for our homeschool math? My favorite aspect of the program is how easy it is to use when we’re on the go. This program makes it so easy to homeschool math when we’re away from home without needing to bring lots of extra tools. 

With Teaching Textbooks I don’t need to remember scratch paper, manipulatives, and math books. Everything we need to homeschool math is available right from Emily’s tablet. Since wifi connections are all over the place, homeschoolers can log in and do math at the hotel, while waiting in a crowded restaurant, or even from the backseat of your minivan. 

Why We Continue To Choose Teaching Textbooks For Homeschool Math

There are so many reasons we love Teaching Textbooks for homeschool math! Here’s why we, as homeschool parents, love it so much:

  • Emily can choose her own speed and I can still check for comprehension too.
  • The step-by-step instructions and “hint” buttons make it really easy for Emily to get extra help, even from the backseat, without getting discouraged or frustrated.
  • The free tutoring hotline serves as an extra safety net when she’s struggling with new material or concepts.
  • We can rewind lessons and do them over if Emily is distracted or wants to review.
  • The scratch pad gives her a place to work out problems on screen.
  • Parents get daily emails with important updates including which lessons your child has completed and how they scored.
  • We have access to up to 6 different lessons offline that automatically sync up when we reconnect.

One of the biggest reasons we choose Teaching Textbooks for homeschool math again and again is because Emily loves it too. Here are her favorite things about the program:

  • It’s completely customizable! She can choose her own wallpaper, as well as customized hints and sounds. 
  • Emily can even create an interactive “buddy” to accompany her during lessons for added support.

Additional Resources For Math In Your Homeschool 

If you’re looking for additional resources, books, and games for math in your homeschool, don’t miss our favorites. These lists will give you some great ideas for how to make learning math a lot of fun in your homeschool.

Have you tried Teaching Textbooks with your homeschoolers? Share your thoughts about the program in the comments. I can’t wait to get your take on it! Plus, don’t forget to share all your favorite ways to homeschool math too. I’m always looking for new ways to make learning math fun for Emily.