Tips And Tricks For Christmas Writing In Your Homeschool

Did you hear the one about the homeschool mom that planned to keep up with her curriculum through the holidays? Ok, I made that up, but haven’t we all done it? We make a grand plan about how we will “stay on track” with our curriculum and workbooks or “squeeze in” fun holiday activities while still doing “all the things.” 

Often the result is lots of extra holiday stress, homeschool mom guilt, and a shortage of holiday bonding time. What if there was a better way? Holiday unit studies, Christmas read alouds, themed games, and festive projects are my secret to keeping the holidays fun, memorable, and full of learning. Keep reading to discover my favorite holiday writing projects for memory making, handwriting practice, and lots more.

Christmas Writing Project

Homeschooling During the Holidays

The holidays are busy! The packed schedules, obligations, and gift exchanges can make the holidays much more stressful than the rest of the year for homeschoolers. Not to mention Christmas cookie sugar highs, late nights spent at holiday parties, and all the overstimulation. 

Finding time in that busy schedule for meaningful lessons and real learning can be a challenge. Fortunately, I’ve come up with an approach that lets us slow down and enjoy the Christmas season together by making memories, bonding with one another, and learning a lot too.

It’s totally possible to put down the workbooks and step away from your usual curriculum and still learn all kinds of important real-world skills and academic concepts too. Begin with your favorite holiday books like How the Grinch Stole Christmas or Twas the Night Before Christmas. Then, use themed unit studies and holiday projects to tap into the fun of Christmas and keep the learning going too.

Reading How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Our Approach to Holiday Homeschooling

We use an interest-led learning approach with our daughter throughout the year. By choosing unit studies, curriculum, projects, and activities that line up with Emily’s passions, we can help her develop a lifelong love of learning while mastering skills to help her in the future too. 

During the holidays, this interest-led approach is perfect for enjoying the season without getting overwhelmed. After all, what kid isn’t interested in Christmas? We all love the holidays and building lessons and projects around the season is a great way to make learning fun this Christmas.

Learn more about our favorite holiday books, games, and traditions by reading about our approach to homeschooling through the holidays. Plus, discover my #1 tip to have holiday homeschooling fun this Christmas.

Homeschool Service Project: Christmas Cards

Real-World Learning with Holiday Projects

Have you tried project-based learning with your homeschoolers? I love projects because they give kids a chance to apply what they’ve learned while digging deeper into the subject. Projects help build creativity, critical thinking skills, and they make learning fun!

Adding holiday projects to your homeschool this Christmas is an easy way to make fun holiday memories and keep the learning going with your kids even at the busiest time of year. Plus, project-based learning makes it totally possible (fun even!) to learn without the workbooks and without a curriculum this Christmas season. 

Check out my new Christmas math project to learn how you can practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division with real-world applications your kids will love this holiday season. Then, keep reading to learn all about holiday writing projects to encourage handwriting practice, letter writing skills, and teach gratitude and kindness this Christmas.

Christmas Cards as Homeschool Writing

Memorable Christmas Writing Projects

There are all kinds of fun Christmas writing projects you can do with your homeschoolers this year that don’t include workbooks or boxed curriculum. Instead, they’re filled with holiday fun, creativity, and memories that will last a lifetime!

Santa Letter Writing Project

Have you taught your homeschoolers the lost art of letter writing? Learning to write letters is a really fun way to practice penmanship with your homeschoolers. Plus, it helps kids learn to compose written words using a structured template. 

This year, why not write letters to Santa? You can keep these special letters to show your children when they are grown or have fun mailing them to Santa. Many post offices will accept these letters and your children might even get a note in return!

You can get super creative and build STEM skills by creating your own envelopes. Use lots of fun markers, stickers, and even glitter to encourage creativity and self-expression with your homeschoolers this Christmas. 

My favorite tip? Encourage your homeschoolers to think beyond just listing what they’d like for Christmas. Tell Santa about a favorite ornament on the tree, what you think the real meaning of the season is, or give examples of why you should be on the good list this year.

Free Printable Folding Christmas Cards for Kids

Christmas Card Writing Project

Does your family send out Christmas cards or holiday greetings to family and friends? This year, get your homeschoolers in on the fun! Have them write Christmas cards to grandparents, friends, or neighbors this year. 

This is a project-based learning activity you can get super creative with this year! Encourage your homeschoolers to think about what kinds of cards they’d like to make and how. You can give them rules like…

  • All cards must be hand-drawn.
  • Must use only recycled materials to decorate cards.
  • All cards must follow a theme. Then, write about why you chose that theme.
  • Each card must have a different design or unique message for the recipient. 

Get the whole family in on the card-making fun! It’s a great way to make memories together as a family this holiday season. Don’t miss the opportunity to encourage your homeschoolers to share their love, kindness, and gratitude with family and friends as they write on each card.

Need ideas? Try some of our favorite holiday card ideas:

  • Snowman
  • Christmas tree
  • Poinsettia
  • Christmas lights
  • Nativity scene
  • The Grinch
  • Snow or Icicles
  • Rudolph the red-nose reindeer

Short on time for crafty card-making this year? I understand the holidays can be a crazy time of year. Don’t worry, you can use my printable folding Christmas cards. Just print, color, and add your own special message.

Homeschool Writing for the Month of December

Christmas Card Service Project

Helping others and giving back is one of my favorite ways to teach our homeschooler the meaning of the season. Incorporating service projects into your homeschool lessons and activities this holiday season is not only an excellent way to foster the spirit of gratitude and giving, it’s also a wonderful way to teach children that they can make a difference by thinking of others and helping.

In addition to sharing your creative Christmas cards with family and friends, consider sending cards to others in your community too. A thoughtful holiday card isn’t just a great way to practice handwriting or a fun Christmas activity. A heartfelt Christmas card can spread love and joy to those in need too. This holiday season, encourage your homeschoolers to write and decorate cards for servicemen and women who won’t be home for the holidays and elderly nursing home residents who might not have any visitors this Christmas.

One of our personal favorite things to do is send letters and cards military & first responder heroes thanking them for their service to our country. If you are interested in doing this as well you can fine more information at Operation Gratitude.

Free Printable Christmas Thank You Notes for Kids

Thank You Notes

Another way to encourage gratitude, kindness, and help your homeschoolers develop social-emotional skills this Christmas is by writing thank you notes. In addition to all the extra writing practice, thank you notes can help kids learn to expound on their ideas as they write. Instead of just writing “thank you for the new stuffed animal”, homeschoolers can practice adding details.

Sending detailed thank you notes will help show the giver that you’re truly grateful for your gifts. Showing gratitude in this way doesn’t just make the other person feel good, it helps our homeschoolers begin to understand that they can make a difference and have an impact too.

Need some ready-to-go thank you notes for the gift-givers in your life this Christmas? I’ve got some adorable printable Christmas thank you notes featuring reindeer, snowmen, penguins, and more. They make it easy to write and send your holiday thank you notes this Christmas season.

Want more fun holiday homeschooling ideas for your family this year? Check out my favorite  books, games, and movies just for Christmas. Then, share your favorites in the comments, so I can try them with Emily this year too!


  1. I implemented Mail Monday this holiday season. We open any cards we received and than we write out 5 Christmas cards to others. The best part, no resistance!

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