Homeschooling An Only Child: How We Manage Field Trips

Homeschooling an only child is different. There are lots of advantages, some challenges, and a whole lot of myths too! Field trips are one of our favorite homeschool learning experiences, but even field trips are different when you’re homeschooling an only child. 

Fortunately, I’ve discovered some helpful tips and tricks for making the most of homeschool field trips with an only child. Get the scoop on how we manage learning on the go and take advantage of field trips while homeschooling an only child below. Plus, discover some great resources to help you get started planning your next field trip adventure this year too!

The Advantages To Field Trips With An Only Child

There are some great advantages to field trips with an only child. For example, we are able to focus our attention on just one kiddo to provide a unique 1:1 learning experience. Plus, there’s always someone to tag in if one of us needs a break.

Another benefit to field trips with just one child is that it costs less money. With an only child, we can take more field trips. Since we don’t need to purchase as many tickets for museums, parks, and experiences, we can enjoy more field trips filled with real-world learning experiences throughout the year.

Only Child Field Trip Challenges

Sometimes homeschooling an only child really is better, but there are some pretty unique challenges to consider too. Contrary to the myths, there are some challenges to homeschooling an only child, even on a field trip.

For example, when you’re homeschooling an only child, it can be more difficult to take advantage of certain field trip experiences with a minimum group size requirement. In these instances, homeschoolers with just one child need to organize and find other families to share the experience with if they want to get the most out of the field trip.

When it comes to spontaneous field trips, we can say “yes” to these types of experiences more often. Since the financial burden is lighter and we have fewer schedules to consider, we can jump in when last-minute field trip opportunities pop up. In the past, being able to say yes has led to some truly amazing experiences!

How We Manage Homeschool Field Trips: Tips and Tricks

So how do we manage homeschool field trips with an only child? Fortunately, I’ve learned a few helpful tips and tricks over the years to get the most out of our field trips together. Check out my favorite hacks for homeschool field trips with an only child below.

Join a Field Trip Group

Sometimes joining a field trip group can help mitigate some of the challenges involved in a homeschool field trip with an only child. Groups like these can help you to meet minimum numbers for group tours or field trip experiences at a variety of locations. It’s also a great way to give our homeschoolers the opportunity to interact with other kids their age.

Customize the Experience

I’m all about interest-led learning and it’s way easier to invest in Emily’s interests and passions with just one child. We can plan and execute field trips that cater to Emily’s own interests without needing to adapt our plans or itinerary for another child. 

There’s no need to match our speed to another child. We can leisurely explore Emily’s favorite parts of the museum or breeze right through any activities or spaces that are not her cup of tea. 

Plan for the Ride Home

Planning a surprise for the ride home from your field trip can make the whole experience better for everyone. On the way home, it’s likely that everyone will be tired and maybe just a little bit cranky. You can get ahead of grumpy moods with a little planning.

Plan a snack for the ride home and a surprise activity to engage your only child. Then, they’ll have something to keep them busy on the ride home and you’ll get to enjoy a more peaceful trip home at the end of a long day.

More Resources For Learning on the Go

There are all kinds of ways you can plan for your upcoming homeschool field trip and learning on the go adventures! Discover some of my favorite resources for learning on the go.

Don’t forget to share your own favorite resources, tips, and tricks for field trips in the comment section. I can’t wait to read them and try a few of your favorite field trip hacks on our next learning adventure!