Our 2018 Christmas Themed Morning Basket

Themes make me happy, like REALLY happy! I love a good theme and I love tying everything into a good theme. I also love holidays and celebrations. So give me the opportunity to tie a theme and a holiday together and chances are I will go over board.

This months theme is Christmas! I am so super excited for December’s morning basket because it will be the bulk of what we do for “school” this month. We do something called Christmas School which I will explain in an upcoming video on my YouTube Channel so be sure you are subscribed to see that soon.

December’s Christmas Themed Morning Basket Choices…

For bible, we will be using The Jesus Storybook Bible with the free printable reading guide and the scripture ornaments (what we will use the cards for).

For logic, we are using Spot It! Holiday this is such a great brain training game that helps with critical thinking skills while still be so fun to play. We will also be using the Laugh out Loud Christmas Joke for Kids as some fun logic.

For journal, we will still be using our Q&A a day for kids. This is going to be such an amazing keepsake to look back on and I am so glad we have kept up with it for almost a year now.

For memory work, we will be trying to memorize The Night Before Christmas, if we are successful Emily wants to recite it for grandparents at Christmas dinner.

Our read aloud books this month will be The Best Christmas Pageant Ever (we read this last year and LOVED it), The Family Under the Bridge, and The Boy Called Christmas, I have heard so many great things about this one and if it is as good as I think I will order The Girl Who Saved Christmas to read as well. I also have a stack of picture books that we will be picking 2 or 3 a day to read (I will probably share these on Instagram and Facebook).

For the language arts loop we will be reading poetry from Santa Clauses: Short Poems from the North Pole, enjoying tongue twisters from Santa’s Short Suit Shrunk, doing Christmas Mad Libs, and writing our own Christmas Story using these Roll a Story Cards.

For the geography & history loop we will be reading through A World of Cookies for Santa and baking the recipes, as well as reading the folk tales for December in A Year Full of Stories.

For the art & music loop we will be doing Christmas and The Nutcracker Chalk Video Courses from Chalk Pastel, We will also we be using Learn to Draw Christmas! for some extra art practice. We will be using Maestro Classics Nutcracker and SQUILT Christmas Carols as well as listening to Christmas Carols all month long.

For the math loop we will be using some Santa’s Elves Math Task Cards that I found on Teachers Pay Teachers, and throwing in some Target mini erasers for manipulatives.

For the science & nature loop we will be using Sassafras Science’s 2018 Christmas E-Book (this is only available for a limited time and all the proceeds go to Toys for Tots) we will also be using a free STEM challenge countdown from Little Bins for Little Hands.

Lastly, because we love games I threw in Absolute Dice Christmas, we loved the Halloween one so much I grabbed this back in October.

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Slow down and enjoy your time together this season. This Christmas themed morning basket is perfect for a slow and meaningful holiday season.