Fairytale Themed Morning Basket

For February’s Morning Basket I decided we would enjoy fairy tales in depth. We did fairy tales last year with Braver Writer’s Jot it Down program and loved it. I thought February would be a great time to explore Once Upon a Time and Happily Every Afters.

February’s Fairytale Themed Morning Basket Choices…

For bible, we will be using The Indescribable Devotional. We have already completed it once this year, but Emily loved it and asked to do it again.

For logic, we are using the Mud Puppy Memory Match Fairy Tale Game.

For journal, we will still be using our Q&A a day for kids. This is going to be such an amazing keepsake to look back on and I am so glad we have kept up with it for almost a year now.

Our read aloud books this month will be Tales of Wonder, The Usborne Illustrated Fairy Tales, Mary Engelbreit’s Nursery and Fairy Tales, and You Read to Me, I’ll Read to You Fairy Tales.

For the language arts loop we will be reading literary and inspirational quotes from Belle’s Library, using the Usborne Muddle and Match Fairy Tale book as poetry, doing Happily Every Mad Libs, and using our Roll a Story Fairy Tale card.

For the geography we will be reading and doing the activities from Once Upon a Map Book which is an interactive map book of six enchanted lands.

For the art  loop we will be using Fairy Tale Fun to learn how to draw fairy tale characters.

For the math loop we will be using some of Let’s Play School activities from the January Subscription Pack a well as Math Task Cards from Teacher’s Pay Teacher’s.

For the science & nature loop we will be using some Fairy Tale Princess STEM build challenge cards and continuing with Exploring Nature for Children.

I have decided to add some movement to our basket each month as well, this month we are using some fairy tale action cards.

Lastly, because we love games I threw in Eeboo’s Fairy Tale Spinner Game, Eeboo’s Tell me a Story Fairy Tale Cards, Disney Tell Tale Cards, and some Fairy Tale Story Blocks from Target.


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Once upon a time in a homeschool morning basket there was some amazing resources to help you dive deeper into the world of fairytales. Don't miss this fairytale themed morning basket.