Fairytale Themed Morning Basket

Morning Basket did everything I had hoped it would last month. It helped us start our day on the right foot. We cuddled up on the couch most days and enjoyed every minute of our time together. Starting our days this way helped the rest of the day go smoother and if everything went sideways and crazy later it was okay because we had got so much goodness in our day already. I see morning basket sticking around for a long time and I was excited to prepare it for this month.

I could have gone over board with Valentine’s day in this months basket, but I decided not to do that. I decided this months theme would be Fairy Tales because we are currently working our way through Brave Writer’s Fairy Tale Project and I think most fairy tales showcase love. I am still planning on including Journal, Bible, Poetry, Folktale, Non-Fiction, Art, Math, and Read Aloud (for her and me) in every months basket. Here is what is in our February Basket:

Q & A a day for Kids: A Three Year Journal – This was a Christmas present Santa brought to Emily and I am so excite to start using it. It has a simple question for everyday of the year, and on each page is space for three years worth of answers. So you will circle around to the questions again each year. I love the thought of having this for years to come and seeing how her answers change each year. For now I will be the one doing the writing because this is about her thoughts and feelings and not handwriting practice.

Jesus Storybook Bible – This Bible is absolutely beautiful. The story is written eloquently and makes it easy for children to follow and the illustrations are to die for. It makes me happy just to look at it and I am hoping reading from it every day will make us happy too. I am planning on reading through the entire thing so you will probably see this in future Morning Baskets.

Mirror Mirror – This is a book of reverso poems based on fairy tales. I first saw it on Mary’s Blog (Not Before 7) and fell in love with it. When I decided that this month’s basket would feature fairy tales there was no question about what poetry book I would be adding.

Mary Engelbreit’s Nursery and Fairy Tales Collection – I wanted something that had all the classics in it. This book was perfect for that it includes 20 stories and they are the perfect length with beautiful color illustrations.

What Your Kindergartner Needs to Know – This book will encompass our non-fiction, art and math for the month. This book includes read aloud selections for every subject and it is one of my favorite resources thus far for kindergarten. We will read from a different subject each day of the week.

The Tale of Despereaux (my read aloud) – I have been dying to read this aloud! This was one of my favorite books as a kid and I can not wait to share it with my daughter. I thought since it has a talking mouse and takes place in a castle with a princess it would fit nicely into our fairy tale theme. Although I would use any excuse to read this book so it would not really have to fit any theme.

Disney Princess Step Into Reading ~ A Treasury of Royal Tales (her read aloud) – I was so proud of her last month for finishing the Frozen Collection. This month I bought the Disney Princess Collection. Many of the princesses stories are included in our fairy tales so it was the prefect fit. We will take it at her pace and she will read to me a little each day throughout the month. We will only read on days she wants to and as much or as little as she decides. We do phonics and reading programs at other times of the day so this is not about reading instruction it is about reading for enjoyment.

All of the above things will be done everyday and even if that is all we get done I will be happy and feel as though we have a had a great homeschool day. But in the spirit of having a more fun homeschool day I have also added a few fun educational goodies to our Morning Basket too.

Fairy Tale Fun (Cartooning for Kids) – Emily has been very interested in learning how to draw lately so when I saw this book I knew she would love it. It includes Famous Characters, Good Guys, Not-So-Good Guys and Magical Creatures.

Eeboo Create and Tell me a Story Fairy tale Mix Up Cards – These cards are beautiful and sturdy. We will use them in a simple manner of drawing 3 cards and telling each other a short story with the cards we drew. This will just be a simple exercise in story telling.

Sleeping Queens – This is her favorite game and I love that it uses some stealth math in the game play. This will be how we end our basket each day by playing a quick game and having a few laughs together. I also have her Little Hands Card Holder to use with it because it is amazing.

I also included a Princesses, Palaces & Royalty coloring book I picked up at the Dollar Tree for her to color while I am reading. I can not wait to start this basket and she is going to be so excited because princesses are her “favorite thing in the whole wide world” according to her.


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