The Best Geography & History Games for Your Homeschool

Games have been a big part of our family long before we even considered homeschooling. Games are an excellent way to spend quality time together as a family.

Gameschooling” is something that I did not find valuable to our homeschool in the beginning. I found games valuable to our family culture but not to academics. I did not see them as a resource for learning.

That was until I Emily could NOT learn her math facts. It was like they would fall out of her head. I was so frustrated with her and myself. My husband suggested we just take some time off from “school” and enjoy the holidays together (it was the week of Thanksgiving).

We ended up taking from Thanksgiving through the first of the year off. While we did not do any structured school we played A LOT of games as a family. The one we played the most was Yahtzee (it is my husbands favorite).

Guess what? When we began school again in January Emily knew ALL of her math facts. Not even just the simple ones we were focusing on either, but more complex problems like 6+6+6=18. We all know that is from her playing Yahtzee.

That is when I realized games were not only great for learning but they were going to be ESSENTIAL in our homeschool. That my friends is the day we became gameschoolers.

Games are not only great for learning but they are ESSENTIAL in our homeschool. Here are the top 25 games for geography & history.

All games are educational in numerous ways.

Even the simplest games teach turn taking and losing/winning gracefully. I get asked questions all the time about games, so I decided to do a gameschooling series. This series will feature our favorite games broken down into subjects. This post will be all about history and geography games.


 Professor Noggin History of The United History of the World Way Back When in History BrainBox for Kids – World History Constitution Games We the People Fight Similo History: A Cooperative Deduction Card Czech Games Through The Ages: A Timeline Challenge


 GeoToys — GeoBingo World — Board Continent Race Geography for Kids Card Passport To Culture – Travel Edition Outset Media – Explore the World Flipping Flags Card Game Professor Noggin Countries of The World Where is the World is Carmen Around the World Boardgame


 Winning Moves Games Game of The Game Zone Great States Geography Board Gamewright The Scrambled States of America Scholastic Race Across the USA Game U.S.A. Bingo Game eeBoo United States Bingo Game for Professor Noggin’s Geography of The United Ticket to Ride – First Journey


Tracking Your Geography & History Game Play

Being able to quantify game playing as “school” doesn’t have to be hard. You can just keep track of the games you play. I reccomend using a game log. There is one avaliable in my FREE Guide to Gameschooling. It is perfect for logging the games you’ve played and easy to add into a homeschool portfolio if you have to keep one.

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