Spend a Year at Hogwarts Just Like Harry Potter

Do your children love the Harry Potter books? Would they like to spend a year at Hogwarts studying subjects just like Harry Potter did? Then get ready to make your homeschool magical this year!

Do your children love the Harry Potter books? Would they like to spend a year at Hogwarts studying subjects just like Harry Potter did? Then Waldock's Wizards and Wands is perfect for you!

My year-long Harry Potter homeschool curriculum is the perfect thing for little Potter fans. You can use this Wizards and Wands homeschool unit study to learn all kinds of amazing things from alchemy to enchantments this school year. There’s lots of wizarding fun to be had!

I’ve included all kinds of room decorations, theming, and costume ideas to help you transform your homeschool space into Hogwarts for the year. Plus, tips on teaching the books to your kids. Keep reading to discover everything that’s included and a whole lot of Harry Potter homeschool fun.

Get Ready to Spend a Year at Hogwarts

With house flags and acceptance letters, your kids will be ready to spend the year learning with a Harry Potter homeschool unit study, Wizards and Wands from the Waldock Way. I’ve also included some of our favorite Harry Potter quotes on posters for you to use in your classroom or homeschool space. These will help kids remember important ideas while inspiring them to make good choices and think positive thoughts.

So what’s included in Wizards and Wands, a Harry Potter curriculum? 

Wizard and Wands Teacher’s Manual

It begins with an introduction letter filled with helpful links and resources to give you access to everything you’ll need. Then, you’ll find a list of required resources and optional additional resources:

  • 6 core textbooks
  • The Harry Potter Book Series
  • The Harry Potter Movies
  • Harry Potter Cookbook

If you love learning from books like we do, you won’t be disappointed because there are also a ton of awesome optional book suggestions! Don’t worry, I’ve chosen titles that will be available at most libraries to help cut back on costs.

Next, you’ll find a section with 8 different Amazon Alexa Echo skills you can use with your Harry Potter homeschool unit study too. Then, a whole page on tips for adding extra magic to your homeschool unit studies this year including tips for reading, math, and geography lessons that are perfectly themed for your Harry Potter curriculum. Then, you’ll find an entire list of extra magical reading suggestions at varying reading levels for your kids to really deep dive into the Wizards and Wands experience this school year.

Magical Homeschool Lessons from Wizards and Wands

There’s a lot to do at Hogwarts this year with this Wizards and Wands Harry Potter curriculum. With 6 core subjects and 4 electives, your kids will find something to love in their magical lessons this year. Keep reading to learn more about the subjects at Hogwarts for your Harry Potter homeschool this year:

1. Charms, Spells, Enchantments, and Incantations

This fascinating subject is otherwise known as Language Arts. In this course you’ll find charms (copywork), spells (dictations), enchantments (narration), and incantations (writing prompts and projects). You’ll do one of each throughout the week, with a loop day on Fridays you can use to get ahead when needed. Plus, additional resource ideas in the teacher’s manual like Harry Potter magnetic poetry and magical creatures mad libs.

2. Alchemy, Astronomy, Herbology, Magical Creatures, Muggle Studies, and Potions

These are your 6 core classes (science and history). There’s a little bit of everything from chemistry to biology to world history included in this Harry Potter homeschool unit study. With books to read, games to play, hands-on activities, YouTube playlists, and additional resources to enjoy there’s plenty of learning fun to be had with your Potter fans this year using Wizards and Wands homeschool curriculum.

These courses are listed alphabetically in the teacher’s manual, but you can enjoy them in any order you like within your Harry Potter homeschool lessons. If your kids are excited about magical creatures, you’re free to start there.

3. Four Elective Courses for Harry Potter Homeschool

These are meant for Fridays or any other day when you might have time to squeeze them in. The elective courses in Wizards and Wands include: 

  • Defense Against the Dark Arts (dueling and defending your honor with games)
  • Muggle Arts and Music 
  • Owl Study
  • J.K. Rowling: Author Study

Plus, you’ll find a fun cookbook guide you can use with the cookbook to create themed recipes that match up with what you’re reading. I’ve organized them by book and chapter, so you can make butterbeer when you’re reading about butterbeer and so on. 

In the Wizards and Wands Student Notebook, you’ll find copywork pages, writing prompts, and lots of other fun activities and worksheets for your Harry Potter homeschool unit studies this year.

Harry Potter Homeschool Tips

Want more tips for a successful Harry Potter homeschool themed study? Our Wizards and Wands curriculum is filled with fun ideas like family movie nights with printable tickets and snack recipes you’ll love at the end of every book. Plus, game night ideas and activities so your little Potter fans can learn to “defend against the dark arts” as they master strategy and sportsmanship. Check out these other fun Harry Potter homeschool ideas:

  • Dress up as Professor McGonagall at the beginning of the school year to add some Harry Potter homeschool fun to this Wizards and Wands curriculum.
  • Make your own sorting hat and  use it to help you “sort” your homeschoolers into the proper houses this year as you begin your Wizards and Wands magical lessons.
  • Start a backyard game of Quidditch with your family to really get in the Harry Potter spirit this year. You can learn the rules and how to play as part of Physical Education this homeschool year. 

If you’re looking for ways to make your homeschool unit studies fun and engaging to encourage your kids, this Wizards and Wands curriculum is definitely the way to go. There’s a ton of fun to be had all year long with your little wizards in a Harry Potter homeschool year. Share your favorite Potter inspired lessons and activities in the comments. I can’t wait to read your fun ideas!