Homeschooling Printables for Every Month of the Year

I’m so excited to share these free homeschooling printables with you! I’m putting together free printables for every month of the year to help you along the way in your interest-led homeschooling journey. 

These homeschooling printables are perfect for lessons about the seasons, holidays, and more. I just know you’re going to find something your learners will love in this bundle for the year!

You’ll get an email every month with fun freebies and printables you can use to bring learning to life and make the journey fun with your homeschoolers this year. Keep reading to learn more about what’s included and where you can get more of our custom Waldock Way learning resources too.

Homeschooling doesn’t have to be expensive

There are all kinds of amazing homeschool resources and curricula. Some of them can be quite expensive! Along the way, I realized that I could use my time and talents to make some of our own resources to match Emily’s interests and passions. 

For example, Emily really wanted to do school with Jack and Annie from The Magic Treehouse books. I created the Passport to Adventures curriculum incorporating science, history, art, geography, and more into our homeschool using the books from The Magic Treehouse series. 

Since then, we have explored outer space, learned about anatomy, spent a year at Hogwarts, traveled to National Parks, and more with curricula created by us. I’ve made our custom interest-led curricula and unit studies available for other homeschooling families too. Now I’m taking it a step further with free printables for every month of the year.

Plus, these new printables are totally free! It’s my way of helping to make homeschooling affordable and accessible for everyone. I’ve fallen in love with the homeschooling community and this journey. Now, I’d love for you to join us.

Free Printables For Every Month Of The Year

I will be offering free printables via emails every single month. These free printables will arrive in your email inbox with ready-made, fun, and easy activities you can print and enjoy. It’s homeschooling fun right in your inbox each and every month!

Want to see what’s included? Check out the free printables you can use in your homeschool this year and let me know which ones you’re most excited about in the comments.

January Printables for Your Homeschool

14 Snowflakes Paper Craft

Every snowflake is unique. Isn’t that a wonderful place to begin a homeschool lesson? Take this opportunity to explore snow, states of matter, precipitation, learn about winter, and teach your homeschoolers just how special and unique they are this January. Plus, create some beautiful crafts to decorate your home along the way.

Arctic Animals Color by Number

Color by number printables are a great way to help young learners build number recognition skills, fine motor skills, and concentration. Plus, these cute arctic animal color by number pages are perfect for exploring the animals that live in the arctic with your homeschoolers this Winter.

New Years Activity Set

Start the new year out with some fun printable activities for the whole family. I’ve included a custom coloring page, word search, maze printable, and even a New Year’s Scattergories game for your kids to enjoy as we countdown to 2022. It’s a fun way to add learning to your holiday.

Printable New Years Crafts

Who doesn’t love New Year’s party hats? I love dressing up and being silly with my family to ring in the new year. This year, you can print these free party hat crafts for 2022. Build fine motor skills with your homeschoolers as they color and decorate their own party hats.

Wilson “Snowflake” Bentley

Who was Wilson Bentley? The first to discover the magic of snowflakes under a microscope and photograph them for everyone to see and enjoy. In this mini-unit study, you can teach your homeschoolers all about Wilson Bentley, his art, and his discoveries. It’s the perfect January unit study for science, art, and history.

February Printables for Your Homeschool

Groundhog Unit Study

This February, learn all about groundhogs just in time for Groundhog Day with my free printable life cycle of a groundhog activity. In addition to completing the groundhog’s life cycle, your kids can enjoy these other free printable groundhog activities too:

  • Vocabulary match
  • Word search
  • True or false worksheet
  • Groundhog anatomy
  • Label a groundhog
  • Groundhog report organizer

Valentine’s Day Color by Number

Color by number pages are an excellent way to help kids build fine motor skills, practice concentration, and they’re lots of fun too! In this free February printable bundle, you’ll get a variety of color-by-number activities perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day Directed Drawing Pages

Directed drawing activities encourage reluctant artists to explore their creative side by providing step-by-step instructions to follow. These free printables are an easy way to encourage self-expression and build confidence in your children this February. 

Valentine’s Day Activity Bundle

This cute Valentine’s Day activity bundle is an easy no-prep learning activity to add to your lessons this February or keep kids busy on a rainy day.

Printable Valentine’s Day Cards

Have you ever been searching through valentines on February 13 for last minute valentine’s your child can hand out? If so, you’re going to love this free February printable. It’s a set of Valentine’s Day cards you can print and hand out to friends for free this year. 

Chinese Zodiac Color by Number

February 12 marks the Chinese New Year. You can learn more about Chinese New Year in my Holidays Around the World curriculum. Then, print these Chinese Zodiac color by number free printables to celebrate the holiday at home with your kids. Plus, you’ll be encouraging color identification, number identification, and fine motor skill building too.

Winter Olympics Printables

This year, we celebrate the spirit of competition and the winter sports we know and love with an ancient tradition: the olympics. You can use these Winter Olympics printables to help bring the games to life for your kids. I’ve included printable games, activities, and a resource guide to help you get started.

March Printables for Your Homeschool

Celebrate Dr. Seuss Day

March 2nd is Dr. Seuss Day. It’s a super fun holiday to celebrate with your homeschoolers this year. You can use this fun holiday to get whimsical and enjoy classics like The Lorax, Green Eggs and Ham, The Cat in the Hat, and more. Plus, practice important concepts like rhyming and phonics.

Happy Pi Day Printables

Wanna celebrate Pi Day with your homeschoolers this year? Plan to share your favorite pie for dessert and use these Pi Day activities for even more learning fun:

  • Pi Day Fun Facts
  • Measuring Circles for Pi
  • Pi Day Word Search Puzzle
  • Pie Baking Time Worksheet
  • Pi Day Circumference Worksheet
  • Happy Pi Day Coloring Page
  • Color by Code Pi Day Printable

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

Grab a little extra luck with these no-prep printables for celebrating and discovering the magic behind St. Patrick’s Day with your homeschoolers this March. These worksheets and printables are perfect for practicing early literacy and numeracy skills with your homeschoolers. Plus, they’re a lot of fun too!

Edwin Binney Unit Study

March 31st is Crayon Day. Looking for a fun way to celebrate and explore art with your homeschoolers? Celebrate Crayon Day with a colorful picture book like The Day the Crayons Quit and this free unit study all about Edwin Binney. Binney invented Crayola Crayons. Actually, he invented lots of things but crayons were his favorite. In this unit study, you can learn all about Edwin Binney and his favorite invention just in time for Crayon Day.

April Printables for Your Homeschool

Spring Color by Number

Color by number printables are so much fun for kids! Plus, they’re filled with learning opportunities for young homeschoolers. Build fine motor skills, practice problem solving, and get creative with this free spring color by number homeschool printable.

Garden Directed Drawing

Have you tried directed drawing activities with your homeschoolers yet? Directed drawing encourages reluctant artists to pick up a pencil and get creative. Plus, it’s an excellent way to help perfectionists get over their fear of the blank page. 

April is the perfect time to grow a garden and you’re going to love this April garden directed drawing page. It’s got cute ideas for drawing garden tools and flower pots your homeschoolers can fill with their own unique flower art.

Easter Fun Pack

Need a little something extra for your homeschool Easter basket this year? You’re going to love this free printable Easter fun pack for kids. It’s filled with mazes, word searches, and a custom coloring page too. 

Easter Color by Number

These color by number activities are just right for Easter. Add these free printables to your Easter basket or use them with a fun Easter themed lesson plan this April. 

Your homeschoolers can have fun coloring their favorite Easter characters in these printables: bunny, chick, bee. Plus, decorate their very own color by number Easter basket too! For more fun Easter resources, check out my Easter Fun list with books, games, movies and more for homeschooling this spring.

Earth Day Crafts

Are you ready to celebrate Earth Day on April 22? These free printable Earth Day crafts are perfect for teaching your homeschoolers all about Earth Day. Plus, you can use them to celebrate the day together too.

Earth Day Color by Number

Since color by number pages are such a big hit, I’ve created printable color by number pages for Earth Day too. In these activity pages, your homeschoolers can color all kinds of Earth Day icons like the recycling symbol, the light bulb, Earth, and more!

Reduce Reuse Recycle

You can use these free printables to teach your homeschoolers how to reduce, reuse, and recycle this April. They’re perfect for educating your kids how to sort recycling just in time for Earth Day.

Tree Life Cycle Pack

At the end of the month, we celebrate Arbor Day. It’s a special holiday all about planting trees and caring for them to ensure a healthy future for us all. You can use this free printable bundle to help your homeschoolers learn about the life cycle of a tree with engaging activities and coloring pages. 

More Creative Homeschool Resources

Are you looking for more creative homeschool resources to use with your family this year? Check out more of what I offer in the shop

You’ll find curriculum sets including Passports to Adventure, Traveling the World, and Wizards & Wands. Explore Who Was? Unit Studies, Survival Unit Studies with Bear Grylls, and a Space Unit Study that’s out of this world. 

Then, check out my curriculum planners for homeschool moms with fun themes like rainbows, flamingos, and Harry Potter. Finally, check the extra supplements and resources for more fun activities you can do throughout the year including pretend play, directed drawing, and tools for family game night fun.

What are your favorite Waldock Way resources so far? Tell me all about it in the comment section. I can’t wait to read about which of these fun printables your kids are enjoying the most!