How To Create A Homeschool Preschool That Really Works

Homeschooling preschool doesn’t have to be difficult. Instead, this can be a time to connect, play, and learn together as a family that you’ll cherish for years to come. I’m excited to share my favorite tips and tricks for creating a homeschool preschool that really works this year.

Have you been struggling to choose a curriculum? Are you uncertain about what to focus on during the preschool years? 

Perhaps you’re just looking for ways to keep your preschoolers little as you begin exploring academics together this year. I’ve got a purposeful preschool curriculum filled with activities and resources for learning through play in your homeschool that I can’t wait to share with you. 

Homeschooling Preschool Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

Homeschooling preschool doesn’t have to be hard. You can definitely take a less formal approach to preschool without any negative effects. In fact, choosing to learn through play and embrace this season in homeschooling has lots of value for you and your child.

Doing preschool at home can be so much fun! We had tons of fun learning through play during Emily’s preschool years. We spent lots of time playing together. Enjoying the great outdoors turned out to be the key to learning a lot about the world around us and our community too.

We also read some truly amazing picture books, played our favorite learning games, and explored the world around us together during our homeschool preschool years. It was 100% worth it to take this purposeful approach to preschool and I’m glad we did!

If you’re beginning preschool at home this year, I want to encourage you not to overthink these early years of homeschooling. Our little children are learning every day during activities like preparing meals together, pulling weeds in the garden, neighborhood walks, and coloring pictures together. Don’t be afraid to embrace this time and don’t get caught up in too much formal planning.

How To Create A Homeschool Preschool That Really Works

Creating a homeschool preschool that really works is all about embracing where your preschooler is at right now and going with it. You can create a homeschool preschool experience that’s perfect for your family just like we did with some of my favorite tips and tricks. Check them out below.

Utilize Imaginative Play

Preschoolers have wonderful imaginations! You can use that awesome imagination to your advantage. Imagination is the key to innovation, so by encouraging our preschoolers to use their imagination we’re opening all kinds of doors for them.

Imaginative play in preschool is a great place to encourage curiosity, explore the world, and get preschoolers to ask important questions about everything. You can use imaginative play to teach new things and encourage outside-the-box thinking in your early learners. Check out my imaginative play packs to help you get ideas for your homeschool preschool. 

Encourage Curiosity

Another crucial step to homeschooling preschool is to encourage curiosity. This is an important part of helping our preschoolers to become lifelong learners. 

Young children love to ask questions! In the Waldock house, we have a rule that no question goes unanswered. This has led to all kinds of interesting discussions and lessons! It’s definitely a family rule I recommend adopting if you’re homeschooling preschool this year.

Our interest-led unit studies are another way we work to encourage Emily’s curiosity. You can take an interest-led approach to your homeschool to explore your child’s interests and passions this year. It’s a fantastic way to show them how to satisfy their curiosity with great books and other learning resources.

Get Outside

I definitely think our commitment to getting outdoors had an effect on our preschool years. Preschoolers are often curious about the world around them and spending time in nature is a great way to encourage that natural curiosity and explore the world with your little ones. 

Joining groups like Free Forest School, going for a family hike through the park, or a walk around the neighborhood can encourage all kinds of learning fun! Plus, getting outside is a great way to change up a school day and get out some of those preschool wiggles too.

Move Around

Speaking of wiggles, I think it’s really important to get preschoolers up and moving around. There are lots of fun movement activities and preschool games you can use to facilitate this in your homeschool. Sometimes just turning up the music and having a dance party in the kitchen is the perfect way to start your homeschool preschool day.

Have Fun Together

Above everything else, just have fun together. There will be a time for rigorous academics and schedules. During this homeschool preschool season, just embrace where you are and enjoy creating a culture of learning and connection with your children. 

Resources To Help You Homeschool Preschool

If you’re looking for resources to help you homeschool preschool this year, you’re in the right place. I’ve got tons of helpful links, unit studies, printables, book lists, and more. Check out some of my favorite homeschool preschool resources below.

Do you have any amazing homeschool preschool resources I didn’t mention? Share your favorite tips and tricks or helpful resources in the comments for everyone homeschooling preschoolers this year.