How to Master the Math Facts: Multiplication and Division

Mastering math facts can be difficult and boring for kids, but knowing the facts can make math so much easier for them in the long run.

So what is the best way to teach the facts and make them stick without boring your kids?

Make mastering the math facts fun! 

Today, I am going to share with you a few ways we are mastering the multiplication and division math facts in a fun, hands on way.

Mastering the math facts is important for kids, but can sometimes seem boring. So, why not learn how to make mastering the math facts fun?

Hands-On Manipulatives For Math

Most kids learn best by manipulating things with their hands. So, hands on resources are essential.

 Multiplication and Division Three-Corner Flash Cards Learning Wrap-Ups: Multiplication and Division Power Pen Multipliction & Division Tool for Learning Multiplication & Division Mathematical Intelligence Stick Multiplication Table Puzzle Multiplication & Division Electronic Math Flash Card Multiplication & Division Puzzle: Grades 3-4


Math Games for Multiplication and Division

One way we make everything fun in our house is games! So of course we are using games to master our math facts.

 ThinkFun Math Dice Fun Game Kakooma Breakthrough Multiplication & Division tri-FACTa Multiplication & Division Game Bumper Car Math Game Math Dash Multiplication & Division Monster Sock Factory Multiplication and Division Pet Me Multiplication and Division Game Adsumudi Math Game Multiplication & Division Bingo Game Math Sprint – The Mental Math Game Proof! Math Game – The Fast Paced Game of Mental Math for Love Prime Climb


Apps To Help Your Child Learn Math

We love using our Kindle Fire for school. Having apps that help focus on math fact fluency are essential in our homeschool.

 Pet Bingo by Duck Duck Moose Monster Math XtraMath Squeebles Multiplication Squeebles Division


DVD’s That Teach Math Facts

My daughter learns a ton through watching things on television. So I love having a few fun math fact shows at the ready.

 Multiplication & Division Level 1 Multiplication & Division Level 2 Multiplication & Division – 3 Times Tales DVD Multiplication Rap DVD Division Rap DVD


Fun Math Printables – Multiplication and Division

One of the ways you can make math fun is by using fun printables.

I personally love all of the math fact printables from The Moffatt Girls. They offer fun, hands-on fluency without a ton of prep work from me.

I picked all the ones I knew would be fun for my daughter (mostly ones that involved coloring and dice). Then I used them to make a math fact book for her.

You can search places like Teacher Pay Teachers or Pinterest and find printables that would appeal best to your child.

DIY Math Activities

One of my daughter’s favorite things to play with is LEGOs. So why not turn that into math practice too?

For this activity I use a fine tip Sharpie to write numbers on the bricks and now she can use them to “build products”. This helps her to see the math problems and how they can work as multiplication and division.

Another great option if you want something to help you teach the facts that includes games and practice are the Math Facts that Sticks book series by Kate Snow.