Weather Themed Morning Basket

As the summer approaches each year we shift into more relaxed homeschooling, because of this the majority of our “planned” learning happens during our morning basket.

Because of that I have restructured how we will do our morning basket for the next few months.

We will focus daily on bible, logic, journal, read aloud, and movement and then Emily will get to choose at least “one more thing” from our basket of fun. So everyday we will get bible, logic, journal, read aloud, movement, and one more thing done. Our theme for the month of June is weather.

Our Weather Morning Basket Choices:

For bible, we will be using the Indescribable Devotional. I love that these devotional combines God and Science in such a beautiful way. Thankfully the devotions are indexed by topic in the front of the book so we will be focusing on the weather related ones this month.

For logic, we will be using the single player logic game Balance Beans by Thinkfun. We will take turns choosing challenge cards for each other to try to stump the other.

For journal, we will still be using our Q&A a day for kids. This journal is the perfect family keepsake: A place for parents and children to share the evolution of thoughts, feelings, and dreams over the years, or a journal for kids who want to keep a time capsule of their own ideas about the world—whimsical or serious.

For read aloud, we will be reading through four of our Passport to Adventures books that relate to weather. Magic Tree House books: Vacation Under the Volcano, Twister on a Tuesday, Earthquake in the Early Morning, and High Tide in Hawaii.

For movement, we will be using the weather movement dice from the Everyday Learn and Play Weather Calendar printable pack.

The main learning component to our basket is the Whatever the Weather Nature Subscription from Firefly Nature School.

For the extras I have books, hands on activities, and games. The books I have are: Bedtime Math, Weather Poems for all Seasons, Science Comics: Weather, What is Snow, What Makes it Rain, First Big Book of Weather, How the Weather Works, See Inside Weather and Climate, Questions & Answers about Weather, and a small stack of nonfiction books from the library. The hands on activities I have are: Let’s Play School Subscription: Weather, Everyday Learn & Play Calendar: Weather, Weather Coloring Book, and a Playfull Days Dough weather play dough kit. For games I have: Sunshine Rescue Game from Simply Fun Games.

Are you new to morning basket?

If you are new to morning basket and would like more information make sure you check out this morning basket questions and answers post. Also, make sure your join the Morning Baskets Facebook Group for more ideas, inspirations, and support.

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We will be spending the month learning more about weather with in our weather morning basket. Full of amazing weather themed resources.