Our 2020 Homeschool Goals

It’s a new year and with that comes a new goals. I wanted to set the kind of goals for our homeschool that I couldn’t fail at. You know the kind of goals that were a win-win no matter what ended up happening. So, I set a goal of reading 1,000 books, playing 1,000 games, and being outside for 1,000 hours. Even if we don’t reach those goals by the end of 2020 we will be better for having tried!

1000 books 1000 games 1000 hours outside 2020 goals for homeschool

Reading 1,000 Books

For tracking the books we read I will be using the Good Reads app. I love that I can scan the book covers as we finish each one and add them to a shelf. I also love that the app offers the ability to set a reading goal for 2020. I am also going to hang a printable on the fridge for Emily to color in.

Playing 1,000 Games

For tracking the games we play I will be using the BG Stat app. It took me about 3 hours to input our game library (400+ games) but now that they are all entered logging our game play takes mere seconds. I love that the app allows you to create custom challenges within it. I am also going to hang a printable on the fridge for Emily to color in.

1,000 Hours Outside

For tracking the time we spend outside I will be using a printable I made that has 1,000 boxes for Emily to color in. You can also find printable trackers available on the 1,000 Hours Outside website as well as tons of information on the benefits of being outdoors.

What are your 2020 homeschool goals?