50+ Of The Best Children’s Poetry Books For Your Homeschool

Poetry is such a fantastic way to show kids that words can be fun. The rhythm, word play, and creativity are all such great examples of what is possible with language.

Our family’s favorite way to enjoy poetry is during a teatime. We like to gather around the table, sip on tea, nibble on treats, and take turns reading poems. It is an enchanting experience!

We have been having poetry teatimes for over four years. And after enjoying poetry together as a family for so long there are some books that really stick out as favorites of ours. You know the tried and true poetry books for children that even adults enjoys. Today, I am going to share them all with you!

Have fun with word play with these 30+ fantastic poetry books for children. Perfect for your homeschool morning baskets or poetry teatimes.

Awesome Poetry Books For Children

Each of these poetry books for children have found a permanent home on our book shelves. We return to them again and again. I hope your family enjoys reading them as much as ours does.



Another fantastic poetry book series for kids is the Poetry For Young People books. The Poetry for Young People series introduces your children to famous poets in an appealing picture book format. Each book is illustrated by a different artist, so each book looks remarkably different than the others. Each book is also curated by a different editor who also writes an introduction to the poet. With so many different poets to choose from they are a great way to do a simple poet/poetry study in your homeschool.

Poetry Everyday In Your Homeschool

Would you like to read a shot poem every day in your homeschool? Then these books are perfect for you! Each book contains a poems designed to be read every day (or night) for an entire year.



Learn Even More About Poetry

If you would like to journey through the history of poetry I suggest checking out A Child’s Introduction to Poetry. This book joyously introduces kids (and parents) to the greatest poets in history. From Homer and Shakespeare to Langston Hughes and Maya Angelou. It provides excellent examples of their work and commentary on what makes it so special and everlasting. The book covers every style of poem, from epics and odes, to nonsense verse and haikus, and is filled with examples of each one. 

Have fun with word play with these 30+ fantastic poetry books for children. Perfect for your homeschool morning baskets or poetry teatimes.

Write Your Own Poetry

After you have read some poetry books you may find yourself inspired to write your own poems. These are just a few resources that may help you channel your inner poet.



What are your favorite poetry resources to encourage rhythm, word play, and creativity in your homeschool? I can’t wait to read about them in the comments!

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