Kindergarten Space Unit Study

Space Unit Study

We had so much fun learning all about space! Solar eclipses do not happen very often, and we knew we would be able to see a partial eclipse in Florida so I decided we would make an entire unit around it. We kicked off the unit by watching the solar eclipse in our front yard. It was by far the coolest thing either of us had ever witnessed.

We used Discovery Kids Blast Off on a Mission to Explore Space as a spine, it is packed with great information but fun and colorful at the same time. There is also a lot of activities, demonstrations and suggestions in it as well and combined with the Discovery Kids Factivity Incredible Space Sticker Activity it made for a great unit study.

Space Unit Study

So much fun was had with this unit. We played a few of our favorite space games: Sums in Space, Mole Rats in Space, Space Memory Match, Professor Noggin’s Outer Space and Cogno Alien Adventure. She loved doing the Melissa & Doug Solar System Floor Puzzle, she completed it 5 times! Another of her favorite activities was using the Safari LTD Solar System and matching them to the space flash cards that we bought from the Target Dollar Spot.

Emily loves the Magic School Bus so we watched the episodes about space on Netflix. I also bought The Magic School Bus: The Secrets of Space science kit. She needed help on all of it since she obviously can not read the instructions on her own yet. But we still had a great time completing the demonstrations and experiments together.

Last but not least we read books! Some of our favorites were National Geographic Readers: Planets, Astronaut Handbook, Our Stars, Me and My Place in Space, There’s No Place Like Space and The Moon Book.

Space Unit Study

To close out our unit we made a trip to Disney World (we are annual pass holders). We rode Spaceship Earth and Mission Space and Emily was able to become an honorary Astronaut!  We bought the helmet and shirt before we left for Disney and surprised her when we got off the ride, told her she had completed training and gifted her with them. She was so excited that she wore them around Disney for hours!

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