Study Ancient Greece in Your Homeschool With Percy Jackson

Ancient Greece is fascinating! There’s a lot to learn and lots of fun to be had with an Ancient Greece unit study for your homeschoolers. I’m excited to share our adventures in Ancient Greek geography, mythology, and more with you in this new Ancient Greek homeschool curriculum.

We’re big fans of literature-based unit studies and this adventure in Ancient Greece is no different. This comprehensive Ancient Greek homeschool curriculum is built around the award-winning Percy Jackson book series by Rick Riordan.

Keep reading to discover how these Percy Jackson homeschool lessons can make learning all about Ancient Greece a fun-filled adventure for your whole family. You won’t want to miss these Ancient Greece projects, hands-on activity ideas, and more!

Why We Use Unit Studies

Unit studies are a big part of how we learn together as a family in our homeschool. We study geography, art, music, history, literature, and more with interest-led unit studies. Unit studies give us a unique opportunity to connect lots of different subjects and concepts under one umbrella topic that interests us.

Using unit studies in your homeschool is a great way to encourage your kids to deep dive into subjects they want to learn more about too. By using unit study plans, we can focus on the topics and skills our kids really want to learn. It’s a great way to encourage kids who might not typically be as interested in learning to engage with the lessons.

Incorporating the subjects you often don’t get to or projects that might require more prep in your unit study is a great way to ensure you’re still getting them in. Adding subjects and skills your homeschooler struggles with to a unit study can help encourage them to put in the extra effort needed to learn something new or challenging too.

A unit study approach can be helpful when you’re trying to cover a big time period or subject. Choosing a great book about the topic can give you a jumping-off point and help get your kids excited about learning too. 

For example, our new Ancient Greece homeschool curriculum is built around the popular Percy Jackson book series. As we read the books, we will be engaging in fun projects, activities, and lessons all about Ancient Greece and Greek mythology. 

A Comprehensive Ancient Greece Homeschool Unit Study

Are you looking for an Ancient Greece study guide to use with your homeschoolers this year? I’ve got you covered with our new comprehensive Ancient Greece unit study for homeschool. It’s the perfect way to explore mythology, geography, and art, and learn more about the history of Greece together.

I’ve added fun resources like podcasts and video playlists to this Ancient Greece homeschool curriculum. Plus, you’ll get copywork pages, research organizers, and custom coloring pages for homeschoolers of all ages. Don’t miss these Ancient Greece projects and lessons!

Here’s some of what’s included in this Percy Jackson homeschool unit study:

Percy Jackson For A Literature-Based Approach To Learning

Are your homeschoolers fond of Camp Half-Blood? If you have a  Percy Jackson fan in your homeschool, you won’t want to miss my new literature-based Percy Jackson homeschool unit study all about Ancient Greece. The book series by Rick Riordan is well researched and perfect for introducing your homeschooler to Ancient Greece and Greek mythology in a fun new way.

Percy Jackson is a relatable character that draws kids into the subject and gets them interested in ancient history. You can use the books in the series to introduce your homeschoolers to Greece, mythology, the Greek gods, the Greek alphabet, and so much more! 

Why do we love literature-based unit studies so much? Stories are powerful things. They can make history come to life for our whole family. 

The ancient world becomes interesting and memorable when we tell our homeschoolers about real people and events instead of just memorizing dates and names. A book series like this one is a great way to bring Ancient Greek mythology to life for our homeschoolers and immerse them in an adventure from another time period.

Additional Unit Study Resources

In this Ancient Greece unit study, your whole family can experience the magic and wonder as Percy Jackson embarks on heroic quests to save the world from destruction with the help of Greek gods like Poseidon and Athena. Then, don’t forget to check out some of our other unit study resources and homeschool curriculum options.

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What’s your favorite book series? Are you a Percy Jackson or Harry Potter fan? I’d love to read more about the literature-based unit study that’s your favorite in the comment section. Don’t forget to share your favorite Ancient Greek homeschool resources and activities too.