The Ultimate Guide To Subscriptions for Your Homeschool

We love adding subscriptions to our homeschool. They always feel like a special prize or gift when they arrive each month! Because these have been such a wonderful addition to our homeschool, I have collected the ultimate list of subscription letters and boxes. I know these will  help enrich and extend your homeschool learning in a fun and exciting way each month as they arrive.

We love adding subscriptions to our homeschool. They always feel like a special prize or gift when they arrive each month. I have collected the ultimate list of subscription letters and boxes to help enrich and extend your homeschool learning in a fun and exciting way each month as they arrive.

Letter Subscriptions for Your Homeschool

Each of these letters will get your kids excited to learn each month when they show up in your mailbox.

Letters from Afar

Isabelle is traveling the globe and exploring the most spectacular destinations our world has to offer. At every stop, she writes you a letter to tell you all about it. From the souks of Morocco to exploring castles in Germany to riding elephants in Thailand, follow along on an unforgettable tale…. told through letters in the mail.

Charm Post

Join Louise, a spunky and adventurous wizard who’s journeying around the globe in search of the world’s most mythical lands. At every stop, she writes a letter telling you all about her magical adventures… From the hidden chambers of the Great Pyramids, to the lost city of El Dorado, subscribe today to join in on this unforgettable tale… told through letters in the mail!

Miss Maisy’s Tasty Travels

Join Miss Maisy on her culinary travels as she experiences marvels in different places each month. Her adventures are the perfect way to sample classic dishes with diverse roots – from a soul-warming dinner in Scotland to a firework-filled New Year’s celebration in China. Packed with friends, adventure, and meals to remember, each hand-illustrated letter arrives with recipe cards so you can create your own feast at home.

Post from the Past

Each month, you will receive a letter from a different historical figure who has made an outstanding contribution to the world. This person could be a scientist, an author, an artist, or an inventor, to name a few. You will learn the STORIES of people from the past through a living method rather than memorising dates from a dry textbook.

Heritage Letter

Imagine receiving a new letter each month from someone significant from America’s great past. An explorer, a leader, a statesman, a pioneer, an inventor, a scientist, a doctor, a naturalist, an author, an artist… A HERO, A HEROINE, A LEGEND. The Heritage Letter is an engaging, fresh way to learn about America’s history in a living, authentic way.

Francis and Friends

Each month, Francis the Goat will send your child a letter with a fun-filled story about his adventures on the Segunda Vida Animal Rescue Ranch where he lives. Francis gets to meet animals from all over the world that come here, as well as animals in the wild, and despite their many differences, this fun-loving little goat manages to become everyone’s best pal!

Writings from the Wild

Discover the wonder of the Wild World. Each month you will meet a new animal and they will write to you all about themselves.  You will learn about all different types of animals living in different habitats from ocean, to savanna, to jungle, to mountain.

Wild Child Chronicles

Join Evie and Alexander, two delightful children growing up on a farm in rural Vermont, for a year of outdoor adventures!  Each month, you will receive a whimsical letter that is delightfully illustrated and handwritten from the children delivered right to your door, addressed to you!  All the fun they have outside, the discoveries they make, the things they learn, and more – written in each letter and sent each month straight to your mailbox.

Polar Pen Pal

Polar Pen Pal brings an exciting and engaging way for children of all ages to learn about and have a real connection with the Arctic!  Now your child can have the joy of having monthly mail ALL THE WAY FROM THE GREAT WHITE NORTH personally addressed to them, and inside they will delight to find a postcard that shares with them details of northern life and Inuit culture. With collectible stickers, northern treasures, and access to online Arctic resources to explore… they will soon have a deeper understanding and a personal connection with this far away, but very REAL place!

Although the letters are an absolute delight to receive each month, a ton of our everyday learning comes in the form of homeschool subscription boxes. Here are our absolute favorites.

Homeschool Subscription Boxes for Preschool

If you have a preschooler and want something fun delivered especially for them each month, these boxes are for you!

My Pre-K Box

Each box begins with a fresh new theme. Informed by research, we identify the most essential pre-kindergarten skills. Using expert knowledge of early childhood education, My Pre-K Box develops enticing, fun, playful opportunities to learn these skills! Finally, we get the stamp of kid-approval before sending each box out to you! Each box is a ready-to-go, no prep, preschool learning kit!

Literacy (Book + Activity) Subscription Boxes for Your Homeschool

Each of these subscription boxes comes with quality literature as well as extension activities.

Banyan Tree Kidz

Enriching and award-winning hardcover book filled with fun illustrations which is sure to get the little kiddos hooked on reading. Add in STEM Projects: Highly creative and learning based hands-on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) projects All the supplies you need to have a blast!


Every Bookroo Box comes packed with 2-3 books beautifully wrapped and curated by our Bookroo Review Process which includes the input of young families attending Stanford University and an insert highlighting the books.

Ivy Kids Kits

Ivy Kids is a monthly educational subscription box for children ages 3-8. Have the tools at your fingertips to ensure your child has a solid foundation in math, literacy, and science. Help your child build confidence and be well-rounded in all disciplines to ensure future academic success. The activities in the Ivy Kits have been created by certified early childhood teachers with children of their own.

Kid Art Lit

Each month, receive a handpicked new release picture book and create literature-inspired art projects just for you. They even send you ALL the high-quality supplies you need.

Owl Crate Jr.

Every month they’ll send you a magical box tailored to a super fun theme! Owl Crate Jr is a subscription box full of fun and surprises, for kids aged 8-12 (or anyone young at heart)!

The Land of Storybooks

Imagine you and your child going on a journey together… Imagine the two of you returning home with eyes awakened to wonder and a bond that has never been stronger. Imagine the door to that journey being the lid of a box. And all you have to do is open it… As a monthly subscriber of The Land of Storybooks Box you will receive EVERYTHING you need for a meaningful time of connection with your child.

Wonder Crate

Wondercrate is a subscription box that introduces kids to inspirational role models, sparks curiosity and connects them to their own possibilities. Each monthly subscription box contains a book and activities to educate, inspire, and empower kids to discover their strengths and share them with the world!

Homeschool Science, STEM, and Coding Subscription Boxes

Each of these boxes includes hands-on fun for your little scientist or coder.

KiwiCo. Tinker Crate

Tinker Crate encourages hands-on learning for kids between the ages of 9 to 16. With activities designed to help kids discover, explore, and create things in the world around them, Tinker Crate brings hands-on fun right to your door.

MEL Kids

Science Kits for your 5 to 10 year old. Each box includes hands-on projects, educational comics, building sets, activities, and app extensions.

My Zoo Box

Learning is FUN with My ZOO Box! Each month a new animal will fly, swim, float, or stomp through your door. From the smallest of birds, the bee hummingbird, to the largest of mammals, the blue whale, your child will develop a deep connection to the wonders of the world in which they live through exposure and inquiry. Let the wild adventure begin!


THiNK OUTSiDE is a monthly subscription box full of outdoor gear and resources that will get your kids away from a screen and outside exploring nature! Included each month is 3 to 5 pieces of quality outdoor gear, water-resistant resource cards, 28+ page educational booklet, hands-on activities, and challenges to do as a family. We have had a blast so far with the backpack and fire boxes and we can’t wait to do and learn more.


Wonderkin is educational activity kits designed to support early childhood development by getting kids outdoors and connected to nature. They send you everything you need to jumpstart engaging outdoor play and learning regardless of where you live or how crazy your schedule is.

Geography and History Subscription Boxes for Your Homeschool

These subscription boxes are perfect for adding some culture, geography, or history to your homeschool.

Eat 2 Explore

Come Together as a Family Over Country, Culture, & Cuisine eat2explore is not just about putting another meal on the table; it’s about carving out time for family, learning tangible cooking skills, exploring world cuisine & cultures, and cultivating sustainable consumption habits at an early age.

Hands on History Kits by BookShark

While not a monthly subscription box, these kits are an amazing contribution to your homeschool. If your children love doing crafts—cutting, gluing, coloring, and building, they will love these hands-on history supplements! Best of all, each project is carefully designed to deepen their understanding of history and offer concrete evidence of learning. You’ll make memories with your children as you work side-by-side, following the detailed directions in each kit. BookShark’s hands-on enrichment kits include all the supplies you will need (besides the basics you already have on hand like markers, glue, scissors, stapler, etc.).

Universal Yums

Universal Yums is a monthly subscription service for international snacks. Each month they send you a box filled with snacks and candies from a different country. Every box also contains an activity sheet and a booklet with snack descriptions, trivia, games, cultural highlights, a music playlist, and a hint to the next month’s featured country!

Homeschool Art, Music, and Culinary Subscription Boxes

Do you have a little artist, musician, or chef? Then these boxes are perfect for you!

Craft + Boogie

Festive Fun That Gives Back. Family crafts and games for holidays, birthdays, and special occasions. With every box you buy, they donate one to a child in need.

Raddish Kids

Raddish is a cooking club, culinary lesson, and mealtime solution all-in-one. They make cooking and sharing a meal fun for the whole family with three simple steps.

Veggie Buds Club

Learn + Cook + Play + Create + Grow = Eat! Each month your kids will receive fun learning activities, cooking activities, games, arts and crafts projects, a growing project, a collectible button, and more! Each box includes all supplies needed, organic seeds and growing materials, and features a specific veggie.

We Craft Box

Be creative, make memories, and enjoy time together, as each monthly subscription box comes with a themed story, coordinating crafts, ready-to-follow photo directions, and all material needed that can be shared between two children. Recommended for kids ages 3-9.

Sensory Play Subscription Boxes for Your Homeschool

Each of these boxes has a sensory component that will keep your kids happily engaged for hours!

 Sensory TheraPlay Box

Toys to help develop important sensory motor skills & stimulate the senses. Engage your child in fun, silly sensory play! Curated for children with autism/ sensory needs in mind, but suitable for children of all abilities. Each month’s box is carefully curated by a licensed occupational therapist and includes a description card inside.

Broccoli Boxes

Each Broccoli Box comes with the book that inspired that box. The boxes will also have a base sensory material (sensory dough, beans, corn, rice, sensory foam beads, kinetic sand, etc) and a variety of small items related to the theme to incorporate into a child’s sensory play. Finally, each box will include a list of ideas for ways to play with your child as well as suggestions to help lead their play, if necessary.

Check back with us as we add all of the new boxes and letters we receive every month.  This really is your ultimate guide for all things subscription letters and boxes in your homeschool.