Yes! You Can Homeschool Without A Curriculum

No matter which homeschooling philosophy you’ve fallen in love with, it’s totally possible to homeschool without a curriculum. Along the way, your whole family might just fall in love with learning again. 

Instead of following a boxed curriculum this school year, why not jump outside the box and pursue real-world learning through games, great books, and lots of adventure!

Don’t worry, I’ll show you how to get started homeschooling without a curriculum this year. Keep reading to discover our favorite games, movies, resources, and projects for learning math skills, language arts, history, geography, science, and more without a formal curriculum. 

You Can Homeschool Without Any Formal Curriculum

It’s really easy to get caught up in all the different curriculum options out there, especially if you’re new to homeschooling. Even veteran homeschool moms can get sucked in by questions on social media like “What curriculum are you using for science?” or “What’s your favorite language arts curriculum?”

There’s so much to choose from and all the choices can make it really difficult to make a decision. If you’re looking for the homeschool curriculum, just know that what’s perfect for one homeschool family might not fit for your unique homeschoolers.

When a curriculum stops working for our families, we tend to jump ship and start looking for a new curriculum for that subject. Instead of spending lots of money on different packaged curricula, why not take a step back and explore homeschooling without the curriculum? Yes, you can homeschool without a formal curriculum!

It’s totally possible to homeschool without a fancy boxed curriculum too. Hands-on activities, read alouds, field trips, and games can create a rich experience that covers all the bases for your homeschoolers too. Homeschooling without a curriculum isn’t just budget-friendly, it’s a beautiful way to learn for the whole family.

Homeschooling Language Arts Without A Curriculum

Teaching reading, spelling, and grammar can be challenging! The good news is that there is a fun and exciting way to help your child fall in love with reading and writing this school year.  Reading and writing are probably two of the most important skills we will ever teach in homeschool. 

I believe homeschooling language arts should start with exposing our children to reading and writing by surrounding them with real-world examples. For example, to teach your child how to write letters, adopt a pen pal instead of worksheets.

Ready to discover how you can successfully teach language arts without a curriculum? Check out some of our favorite resources to help learn and practice reading, writing, spelling, and grammar with a fun and engaging real-world approach. 



Homeschooling Math Without A Curriculum

There are lots of different math curriculums available to homeschoolers, but I’m excited to let you in on a little secret. Math isn’t a subject you have to have a boxed curriculum for either. You can teach homeschool math without a curriculum and have fun doing it too.

Begin by thinking about your own feelings towards math. Did you hate math in school or was it your favorite? Your own feelings about math might be sending messages to your kids. 

So how can you fall in love with math? Instead of switching one boxed curriculum for another, ditch the packaged math curriculum and try a whole new approach! Check out some of our favorite resources and techniques for teaching math without a curriculum.



Homeschooling Science Without A Curriculum

Choosing a science curriculum for your homeschooler isn’t always easy. Science curriculum can be really expensive and contain lots of messy experiments that don’t always work or complicated language without real-world examples.

Thankfully, there are lots of fun and engaging ways you can master scientific concepts without a curriculum. One really important aspect of homeschooling science is helping our kids develop powers of observation and curiosity about the world around them. Check out my favorite hands-on experiments, science games to play, and beautiful picture books in these articles all about teaching science without a curriculum



Homeschooling History Without A Curriculum

Great news! You can homeschool history without a curriculum too. Homeschooling history doesn’t need to be about memorizing names and dates! When you step away from a formal history curriculum, you can bring the past to life with all kinds of amazing history resources and field trips. I’ll show you how with my guide to homeschooling history without a curriculum. Then, check out my favorite resources for teaching history without a curriculum.



What If I Miss Something Important?

As homeschool moms, we often worry about forgetting to teach our kids something, missing some important concept, or having gaps in their learning. It’s important to remember that everyone has gaps, whether they attended public school, private school, or homeschool.

As teachers and moms, we have to make peace with the gaps our children may have and work to ensure they master the most important material and concepts. By focusing on real-world math activities and lessons, you’ll be ensuring your kids have mastered the math concepts they’ll need every day.

Remember, in homeschooling, there’s no such thing as behind. We can take longer to learn and master concepts our children find challenging or breeze through topics and concepts they master quickly. However, you can always check my free grade-level skills checklists to discover what concepts your kids might need to focus on next.

I hope I’ve encouraged you to try homeschooling without a formal curriculum this year. Are you already schooling without a boxed curriculum for one or more subjects? Share your experiences in the comments. I can’t wait to read them!