Kindergarten Zoology Unit Study

Emily’s love for animals runs deep, this girl lives and breathes for all things animals. So it was no surprise when she asked what she wanted to learn next she said animals. I knew that this was not going to be a short or simple unit so I really went to town on this one.

Animal Classifications

I chose The Sassafras Science Adventures: Volume One: Zoology as our main spine combined with Discovery Kids Travel through the Amazing World of the Animals. I checked out a lot of books from the library but I think our favorites were the What If You Had Animal Series and the Who Would Win Series.

Animal Strewing
We also played our favorite animal games: Animal Bingo, Amazing Animal Trivia, Hit the Habitat Trail, Animal Upon Animal, and Cardline Animals. We watched quite a few documentaries on Netflix as well including Growing Up Wild, 72 Cutest Animals, Nature’s Great Events, Born in China, Ghost of the Mountains, Wings of Life, and The Crimson Wing.

Animal Unit Study Game

We took a lot of field trips as well. We went to the pet store, the zoo, and an animal sanctuary. All of which were so much fun and we all learned a ton about animals, their needs and their habitats.

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