15 Educational Apps For Tweens and Teens

What if all that time your teen spends staring at her phone is time spent learning? There are lots of fun educational apps for tweens and teens you can use in your homeschool. 

I really like incorporating apps and technology into our homeschool lessons. As Emily gets older, she’s outgrowing a lot of the educational apps we used in years past. Fortunately, there are plenty of fun tech resources for learning with tweens and teens too.

If you’re searching for the best apps to add variety and fun to your teen’s homeschool lessons, you won’t want to miss these favorites! Plus, get tips on how we learn with technology and some cool resources to help you make it happen. 

Using Apps To Learn

I love integrating technology into our homeschool lessons! Using apps to learn is a great way to engage your kids in a multisensory learning experience that will increase retention. 

Navigating screen time can be a bit challenging at first, but I definitely think it’s worth it. Don’t be afraid to embrace the benefits of screens in your homeschool. There are definitely some awesome educational apps for tweens and teens you’ll want to explore this school year.

Teens always seem to have a phone in their hands. What if they were learning while staring at those screens? Keep reading to discover some of my favorite educational apps for tweens and teens that you can use in your homeschool. 

15 Educational Apps For Tweens and Teens

Technology has become a giant part of our lives, especially for tweens and teens! Encouraging our tweens and teens to add learning into their screen time is a great way to make sure they’re keeping their minds active throughout the day. Check out some of my favorite educational apps for your tweens and teens below.

#1 Khan Academy

The Khan Academy app is a totally free app with over 150,000 interactive exercises covering all kinds of subjects. Teens can learn and practice math, science, history, economics, and more. Plus, there’s instant feedback for parents.

#2 BBC Bitesize App

The BBC Bitesize revision app is a wonderful free program for teens. There’s lots of important information in small chunks with quizzes to check for comprehension. Subjects include math, english, biology, chemistry, and physics.

#3 Duolingo

Duolingo is a fantastic free app for teens that allows them to practice a foreign language. It’s great extra practice for teens already taking a foreign language and a fun way to start learning something new. This app is really easy for tweens and teens to follow independently too.

#4 True Or False Chemistry

This fast-paced chemistry app is perfect in helping teens to learn the periodic table of elements. Teens and tweens will love all the fun features in this free app. Plus, they can compete to be listed in the leaderboards!

#5 Swift Playgrounds

Swift Playgrounds is an app that teaches people how to use Apple’s own programing language, Swift. Each lesson is a puzzle that will introduce your tween or teen to the coding world where they can learn important skills and create their own apps or games to play too.

#6 EdPlus

Ed Plus is a free educational app with 300 topics for kids to choose from including math, science, geography, and so much more! The lessons are videos with fun video questions to test their friends too.

#7 Kahoot!

We love Kahoot! This fun and free educational app has a big collection of trivia quizzes that are interactive with practice flashcards, quick reviews, timed sessions, and quiz bowls. You can create your own quizzes to line up with what your homeschooler is learning or check out the quizzes already on the app.

#8 Bubulp

Bublup is one of the best apps for 14-17 year old teens. It’s a versatile and powerful app for organizing content visually. Homeschoolers can save links, documents, videos, photos, GIFs, and music in visual folders with pictures and descriptions. Can’t you just imagine the possibilities for your visual learners?

#9 Evernote

The Evernote app can really help as your tweens and teens try to get organized and manage their assignments. Whether they’re taking notes or making a to-do list, Evernote can help. Teens and tweens can even use the projects option to add sounds, links, and checkboxes to their notes and lists.

#10 MentalUP Educational Games

Kids of all ages can use MentalUP, but it’s really fun for teens. There are dozens of games with varying difficulty levels to help your homeschoolers build visual recognition skills and visual discrimination skills.

#11 Words with Friends

This word building game challenges players to earn more points than their friends by spelling words strategically. It’s similar to scrabble, so it’s perfect for helping your tweens and teens expand their vocabularies and practice their spelling skills too.

#12 Photomath

Photomath uses augmented reality to help kids solve math problems. It’s a calculator tweens and teens can use just by pointing their camera at an equation or math problem. The app will find the solution! It’s great for having your homeschoolers check their math work.

#13 Piano Marvel

Does your tween or teen want to learn to play the piano? There are video lessons on the app that help your teens learn the basics of playing the piano. Tweens and teens will appreciate the library of music with different levels ranging from beginner to professional and lots of different genres to play too.

#14 National Geographic

This Nat Geo app has more than 3,000 videos, cool stories, and award-winning photography for your tweens and teens to check out. It’s a great addition to your science, geography, and history lessons this school year.

#15 Starfall Catalyst

This science video game is tons of fun! Your tweens and teens will definitely be learning as they solve the chemistry-related challenges in each game.

More Resources For Learning With Technology

There are so many different fun ways to incorporate apps into your homeschool day. Check out some of our favorite resources for learning with technology below.

Do your teens have a favorite educational app that I didn’t mention? Share your favorite educational apps for tweens and teens in the comments. I can’t wait to check them out!