7 Fun Ways To Practice Spelling In Your Homeschool

Spelling practice was never a lot of fun for me. I still remember writing my spelling words five times each week in elementary school. As we began practicing spelling in our homeschool, I knew I wanted to find ways to make this aspect of learning fun and engaging.

Over the years, I’ve discovered lots of fun spelling games, activities, and methods to make learning to spell easier and more exciting for Emily. Gone are the days of writing words repetitively to practice spelling. 

Are you ready to dive deep into spelling lessons with me and explore the frustration while we find creative solutions for spelling and language arts practice in our homeschools? Keep reading to discover 7 fun new ways to practice spelling with your kids.

Homeschool Spelling: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

We have tried lots of different methods to practice spelling concepts in our homeschool. Some of them have been a lot of fun and others have been frustrating for all of us! Copying spelling words and other methods of repetition are often tedious and boring, which leads to lots of tears. 

As with other subjects, I have found that attacking challenging subjects with hands-on practice and gameschooling has a much better outcome. If you’re looking for more fun ways to practice spelling concepts in your homeschool, you’re in the right place! Keep reading to check out our favorite fun spelling practice activities and tools.

7 Fun Ways To Practice Spelling In Your Homeschool

There are so many fun ways to practice spelling in your homeschool! We have lots of great tools, games, and activities to inspire your next spelling lesson. Check out our favorite ideas below.

Gameschool Spelling 

Gameschooling has made some of the biggest changes in how we homeschool and we’re big fans of the method! Using games to teach new concepts and practice what we’re learning makes everything more fun and gives Emily opportunities for real practice with all kinds of academic skills. There are games for every subject, including spelling.

Check out some of the very best spelling games for homeschoolers to get started gameschooling spelling with your kids too. You’ll find some of our favorite spelling games including classics like Bananagrams and Scrabble, as well as new games like Spelligator and Wordical.

Spelling Yoga

Spelling yoga helps kids practice crossing the midline, incorporates healthy gross motor activities, and gets kids up and moving as you learn together. There are two ways to use spelling yoga with your homeschoolers. You can assign a yoga pose to each spelling word and spell it aloud while you hold the pose or use yoga dice to choose a pose for each word.

Songs for Spelling Practice

If your kids are auditory learners, try using songs and rhymes to help them understand the words they’re learning to spell. Fun rhymes with spelling words will help spelling words get stuck in your homeschooler’s mind like a catchy pop tune.

Plus, we make associations between rhyming words naturally, so adding rhythms and raps to these types of words means you might even catch your kids humming their spelling words throughout the day! It’s a great way to make spelling words easier to remember.

Spelling Word Bingo

Who doesn’t love bingo? Instead of numbers, use your spelling words to make bingo cards. Seeing them in print repeatedly will help your kids master spelling them that much quicker. 

Interactive Spelling Wall

If your homeschoolers often ask “How do you spell…?” you might want to add a spelling wall to your homeschool space. You can use a large sheet of butcher paper or poster paper, a chalkboard, or a dry-erase board to create your own. 

As they learn, have your homeschooler write down the words they learn. Kids can add definitions and drawings to bring their spelling wall to life too. Over time, they’ll have an interactive wall filled with words they’ve learned to spell. What an achievement!

Practice Spelling with Screens

I’d like to encourage you not to be scared of using screens in your homeschool. Embracing technology can lead to all kinds of amazing benefits for your homeschooler! There are so many great apps and screen-based tools for spelling practice. 

Check out some of our favorites educational apps for spelling practice including Word Cookies, Squeebles Word Search, and Hangman Classic. We also enjoy tools like PlayShifu Educational Word Game which works with Emily’s tablet.

Spelling Arts & Crafts

Get creative and crafty with spelling crafts and art projects for extra practice with your spelling word list this year. Visual and kinesthetic learners will benefit from practicing spelling concepts with this hands-on method.

Keep it simple by breaking out fun art supplies to copy spelling words. Your homeschoolers can have fun inventing new ways to write and spell out words with clay, writing words with scented markers or paint sticks, or making a spelling word collage. 

More Creative Options For Language Arts In Your Homeschool

When you’re ready, check out some more creative options for language arts skills practice in your homeschool with printable word searches and crosswords included in every interest-led unit study here at The Waldock Way. Then try some of our other creative options for language arts too:

Which fun ways to practice spelling words will you try first? Do you have a creative way to practice spelling concepts in your homeschool that I didn’t mention? Tell me all about it in the comments so I can try it too!