Art & Music Picture Books for Your Homeschool

Even before becoming a homeschooler I knew the importance of reading aloud. I vividly remember reading books to my ginormous pregnant belly (yes I was that mom).

But it was not until I became a homeschooler and read Jim Trelease’s Read-Aloud Handbook then subsequently stumbled upon the amazing Sarah Mackenzie at Read Aloud Revival that I realized just how important the time spent reading aloud really was.

I was determined then that books would be the staple for everything in our homeschool. We would learn everything we could in all of the subjects with books as our base.

Add these beautiful math picture books to your homeschool library and make lasting memories while reading and learning together.

For us picture books are the perfect place to linger. Emily is an auditory learner and I am a visual learner. So we use beautiful picture books to bridge our gap. This way we are both getting what we need and learning together along the way.

This series will feature our favorite picture books broken down into academic subjects so you can learn with books along with us! This post will be all about art and music picture books.


 M is for Melody: A Music Zin! Zin! Zin! A Violin (Aladdin Meet the Orchestra The Story Orchestra: Swan Lake: Press The Story Orchestra: The Nutcracker: Press The Story Orchestra: Four Seasons in The Story Orchestra: The Sleeping Beauty: The Story Orchestra: Carnival of the Art Beautiful Oops! Katie’s Picture Show Katie: Katie and the Mona Lisa Katie and the Sunflowers Katie and the Starry Night Katie and the Waterlily Pond Cezanne and the Apple Boy (Anholt’s Camille and the Sunflowers (Anholt’s Artists van Gogh and the Sunflowers (Anholt’s The Magical Garden of Claude Monet Degas and the Little Dancer (Anholt’s Picasso and the Girl with a When Pigasso Met Mootisse The Dot The Art Lesson (Paperstar Book) If da Vinci Painted a Dinosaur If Picasso Painted a Snowman If Monet Painted a Monster Lines That Wiggle