Kindergarten Bug Unit Study

Insect Unit Study

After looking over the science units from The Good and The Beautiful we knew we could not wait until the fall to start them, we dove right into the Arthropod Science. I will be honest bugs creep me out, but this unit has been so much fun that I have even begun to see some creepy critters as cute.

Bug Strewing

Our main spine for this unit was The Good and The Beautiful Arthropods. We paired books, games, and videos, and hands on learning with it to make this one of our most exciting unit studies yet.

Bug Strewing

The Good and The Beautiful includes book suggestions in their science units and we loved the ones suggested. Along with those some of our additional favorites were: The Big Book of Bugs (this was by far the most used and enjoyed book), Little Kids First Big Book of Bugs, The Ultimate Bugopedia, and Bees: A Honeyed History.

Bug Unit Study Game

Games are a favorite pastime in our home, we all love to play games. I love that games offer a fun hands-on way to learn too. For this unit we played Bug Bingo (this was by far the most played and enjoyed game), Bugs and Slugs, Uncle Milton’s Ant Farm, Professor Noggin Insect Trivia, Snug as a Bug in a Rug, and Cootie.

Bug Unit Study Game

I love adding videos to unit studies because it presents information in two different ways, learners can see it and hear it. On Netflix we watched Disney Nature Wings of Life, The Magic School Bus Gets Ants in it’s Pants, The Magic School Bus in a Beehive, The Magic School Bus The Butterfly and The Bog Beast, and The Magic School Bus Spins a Web. On YouTube we watched The Good and The Beautiful Arthropods Playlist.

Raising Butterflies and Praying Mantis

In addition to books, games and videos I purchased a butterfly kit and a praying mantis kit for us to observe. Our caterpillars have become beautiful butterflies and we released them a few days ago (best experience ever), we are still waiting on our egg case to hatch.

Raising Butterflies

Additional resources used through out the unit:
Little Explorers Insect Bug Collecting Viewer
Growing Brave’s Insect Bundle
Learning Resources Backyard Bug Counters
Many of the Safari LTD Life Cycle Sets:
Ant Life Cycle
Bee Life Cycle
Butterfly Life Cycle
Mosquito Life Cycle
Lady Bug Life Cycle

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  1. Is there a pdf for the mini book cover? Also are you glad you bound your loose leaf? I’ve seen people put them in binders as well? Did your daughter do the science journal included in the lessons?

    1. I can add a pdf for the book cover, give me until tomorrow to get that done for you. I am glad I bound it. She did the notebooking pages for the most part some of the ones that required a lot of writing I wrote what she said because for me the focus was on science not handwriting.

  2. Good stuff

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