August Homeschool Printables That Are Absolutely Free

I’ve got new homeschool printables that are absolutely FREE to share with you. These activities are filled with learning fun and opportunities for engagement you don’t want to miss. Plus, they’re themed for the month of August and back-to-school time.

Use my free homeschool printables to add fun to your lesson plans all month! They’re great for keeping hands busy during read-alouds and connecting with your kids over a shared activity. These printables are a great soft start to the school year that your kids can really get into. 

However you decide to use these free homeschool printables, I think you’ll find they’re a great budget-friendly way to add fun to your activities this August. Plus, you can sign up to get my free homeschool printables delivered to your inbox every month. Then, you can add them to your homeschool plans whenever you need a little extra learning fun.

Homeschooling Doesn’t Have to be Expensive

Surfing through my favorite curriculum sites can certainly make homeschooling feel expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. I’ve discovered a trick to offset the cost by creating my own homeschool resources and printables. It also gives me an opportunity to create printables and lessons that line up with Emily’s interests.

For example, when Emily wanted to learn about survival skills, we created a Surivial Unit Study with topics and information from her favorite survivalist, Bear Grylls. We have created all kinds of unit studies and custom curriculum options from Passports to Adventures following The Magic Treehouse series to a holiday trip around the world with Santa. 

These days, Kevin and I pool our talents and resources to create unit studies and printables. We love sharing them with the homeschooling community we have come to know and love. 

That’s why we’re making batches of custom printables and resources totally FREE every month.Take advantage of our free homeschooling printables in your homeschool this August with all kinds of back-to-school fun!

Free Homeschool Printables for August

You can get my free homeschool printables delivered to your inbox every month. You’ll get an email filled with ready-made, fun, and easy activities you can print and use in your homeschool. Check out our favorite free homeschool printables for August and the back-to-school season below!

Calendar Notebook

I’ve created these colorful calendar printables to help you practice using a calendar, observing the weather, and more with your homeschoolers this August. This free calendar printable is perfect for a circle time board or laminated to use again and again. 

Included in my calendar printable bundle, you’ll get a calendar journal, weather tracking, social-emotional skill-building activities, and more! Keeping a calendar is a great life skill to begin building with your homeschoolers and this printable bundle will make it fun for your kids this August.

Back to School Scavenger Hunt

We like starting our school year with a fun back-to-school scavenger hunt. It’s a fun way to get excited about the beginning of a new homeschool year and get back in the swing of things. This back-to-school scavenger hunt printable will make it easy for your whole family to engage in the tradition and get excited about learning this August.

Back to School Directed Drawings

Directed drawing printables help kids practice following directions and build concentration. That’s why these free printable back-to-school directed drawing pages are perfect for the beginning of the school year. What a fun way to help kids practice paying attention to detail!

Plus, directed drawing pages are great for perfectionists who want steps to follow while they create. Having steps to follow to reach a complete image helps encourage reluctant artists to participate and express themselves too. With these printables, your kids can have fun drawing their own school buses, backpacks, and more.

Back to School Color by Number

Color by number printables are fun and easy for kids of all ages. They’re also filled with learning opportunities! Your homeschoolers can practice number recognition, color identification, build fine motor skills, and work on their problem-solving skills too with these free back-to-school color by number printables.

Included in this printable back-to-school bundle, you’ll get color-by-number pages with letters and numbers for every subject. Add these activities to your lesson plans for reading, math, art, science, and more this August.

Find and Color the Alphabet

Want more alphabet practice with your homeschoolers this August? My free printable find and color the alphabet pages are pixel coloring pages you can use to practice letter identification and reading skills with your kids. You’ll get 26 printable alphabet pages for kids to complete as you begin your homeschool year.

Number Maze Worksheets

Build early numeracy skills with your homeschoolers this August using my free printable number worksheets. These pages are great for homeschoolers learning to identify and write numbers zero through ten. Kids will get to practice writing numbers, number words, identifying numbers, and building fine motor skills too with these colorful number worksheets.

If you love to celebrate the holidays and festivals then be sure to check out my Holiday Fun Around the World curriculum for exciting lessons from 30 different holidays, festivals, and celebrations all over the world. You’ll get to explore different cultures and celebrations all over the world throughout the calendar year! 

More Creative Resources For Your Homeschool

Want even more resources? Don’t worry, there are tons of creative resources for your homeschool available in my shop and lots of other great ideas you can read about too.

Check out some of our favorite simple units to do during the Back to School season:

Which absolutely free August homeschool printables are you most excited to use with your learners this school year? Share your favorite back-to-school activities and resources in the comment section. I can’t wait to read about which free printables and back-to-school activities your homeschoolers love the best!