Dynamite Dinosaurs at Walt Disney World

Are your heading to Disney World soon? Have a dinosaur lover in the family? Want to know what the must see dinosaurs at Disney are? Then this is the post for you!

My 7 year old daughter recently became obsessed with all things dinosaurs thanks to Dino Dana on Amazon Prime Video. So I knew that on our latest trip to Disney World I would need to make sure we stopped off at a few of the dinosaur things.

Do you have a dinosaur lover? Are you visiting Disney World soon? Get the 411 on all the dinosaurs at Disney and which ones are best for your family.

T-Rex Cafe at Disney Springs

The first thing I did was make a reservation at T-Rex Cafe. You do not need a reservation but to guarantee a table and a short wait, I highly recommend one. The T-Rex Cafe is located at Disney Springs which means you can enjoy this attraction without a park ticket and parking is free too.

T Rex Cafe Disney Springs

T-Rex Cafe offers American fare in an interactive dinosaur-themed setting. You will be surrounded by the sights and sounds of a prehistoric world while you eat creatively named cuisine. Be sure to walk around because there is something to see everywhere you look.

The T-Rex Cafe also has a Dino-Store filled with educational toys, apparel, and other merchandise. You also have the option of assembling your very own plush dinosaur at the Build-A-Dino by Build-A-Bear Workshop. The Paleo Zone is a must for the budding paleontologists. In the Paleo Zone kids can dig for hidden dinosaur fossils, pan for precious treasures, and learn more about prehistoric times though interactive displays.

T Rex Cafe Disney Springs

All three of our meals here were delicious and the service was excellent. The waiter did recommend visiting during the daytime (lunch) versus night time (dinner) as it can get a little crazy. Our reservation was at 2 pm and that was perfect in my opinion. 

DinoLand USA at Animal Kingdom

DinoLand USA at Animal Kingdom is a trip back in time over 65 million years. For this you will need park tickets as it located within the Animal Kingdom Theme Park.

As you enter DinoLand USA you walk under a 50 foot tall skeleton of a Brachiosaurus, which is the perfect welcome for your dinosaur enthusiast. The Boneyard is a fun playground. With creatures to climb on and fossils to be unearthed. There are a few rides within DinoLand USA as well.

T Rex Cafe Disney Springs

For your smallest dino lovers you have the Triceratop Spin, think of the classic Dumbo ride. For this ride you sit inside a Triceratop and spin around while you control the up and down movement.

Our favorite ride is Dinosaur. It is an intense ride that is a tour of the Dino Institute followed by a mission to to located and bring back the last Iguanodon. This ride is primarily dark and can be a bit jerky so use caution when riding.

Dinosaur Ride at Animal Kingdom Disney World

The last ride is one for the older crowd, our daughter is not all enough yet at the 48″ requirement so we have not ridden it yet. The Primeval Whirl operates seasonally and is a spinning, swirling roller coaster time machine back to the dinosaur age.

Take a walk back in time on the Cretaceous Trail. This trail is located near the Dinosaur attraction. You can take a short walk to see reproductions of the dinosaurs that lived during the Cretaceous period.

Dinosaurs at Walt Disney World

Don’t forget to check out or in my daughter’s case admire the reproduction of Dino-Sue. Dino-Sue is the most complete T-Rex ever found. More than 90% of her bones have been accounted for. She is 40 foot long and 13 foot tall.

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