End of the Year Art Show

End of the Year Art Show

At the end of Emily’s preschool year when all the other children were graduating and wearing caps and gowns I started to feel a little guilty.

Not because she was missing out on something but because I felt she had the right to be celebrated as well.

So I sat down with her and she had the genius idea to hold an art show.

She wanted to be famous and make money before she was dead (we had studied Vincent Van Gogh most of the year).

We got to work making invitations, and planning the food, and buying all the things.

Emily loved the idea of standing up presenting each piece so we helped her decide on an art auction, we bought paddles and invited family over.

She used her easel and placed each piece of artwork on it with pride as she described it and asked for bids.

End of the Year Art Show

This year when it came time to plan her end of the year art show, she had many more opinions on how things should go.

We had recently been to a few art galleries and she loved that the artwork had names and was on display, so that is what she wanted, herself on display.

She helped me design an invitation, she picked out all of the food we would have, she gave jobs to her dad and I, and she chose the artwork she wanted to sale as well as what she would price it at.

Art Party Paintings

My husband built two small wooden easels to match the one I had so we could display her small canvases, and I borrowed his large easel for her large canvas.

For all of her paper pieces we hung twine and used clothes pins so that they were displayed all around our living room.

I made tags for each piece with the name, artist, and price as I was told and used double sided tape to adhere them to the easels or the clothes pins.

My husband made a beautiful chalk sign to welcome guests to Emily’s Art Show, and we laid out the food.

Art Party Food

As guests arrived they made plates and snacked until everyone was present.

Emily showed each person around the gallery answering any questions they had about her masterpieces and then announced that it was time to start buying.

After some back and forth with the little artist we decided it would be easiest for people to take the tags of the pieces they wanted to purchase.

Then when all the tags were gone I helped her add up the totals and bag up each persons art work to take home.

It really was a great day and such a great way to celebrate the our little artist and all of her accomplishments throughout the year.

Many of her amazing pieces of art were from Chalk Pastel – You ARE An Artist video art lessons. This is one of our absolute favorite resources for art!

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