Gameschooling Virtually In Your Homeschool: Here’s What You Need To Know!

Games are a huge part of our family culture and homeschool. In some ways, it’s how my child learns bets. Plus, in this day and age, it seems only natural that we find a way to gameschool virtually.

During social distancing, kids all over the world are having virtual play dates. Here are some printables to make it easier to gameschool virtually.

In an effort to support my daughter connecting with other children and virtually playing games together, I decided to throw together a few fun printables to help facilitate gameschooling.

Free Virtual Game Printables

The free printable pack includes Guess in 10, Charades, A-Z Fill In, Would You Rather, and Hangman.

Guess in 10

Choose a card that you want to be and tell the other player the category (food, animal, or thing). They may only ask yes or no questions to try to figure it out. If they guess in 10 guesses they get a point. The player with the most points at the end wins. This also works well with Headbandz if you already have them.


Each player can choose an action and take turns acting it out, actions and sounds are allowed but no words. The first player to guess (however many you decide) first wins. We normally play to 5 correct guesses.

A to Z Fill In

This is my personal favorite because this fun game practices writing, spelling, and so much more. Set a timer for 1 to 5 minutes (longer the younger the child) and race to fill in as many words as you can think of that begin with that letter. To make it even more challenging choose a category such as food, animals, job, etc.

Would You Rather

This is very simple and can be played by a large group of kids. Each child can take turns reading a would you rather question from the list and each child can answer which they would rather do. It is a great way to have fun and get to know your friends a little bit better.


This is another one of those games that is fun but works on spelling and writing too! Players can take turns making up words and writing dashes for each letter in the empty box. The other player takes turns guessing letters that may or may not be in the word. If the letter is in the word it is written in the correct blank, if it is not in the word a part of a person in drawn on the hanging portion. If the player guesses the word correctly before the man is completed they win.

Games to Play Virtually In Your Homeschool

If you raid you games closest and happen to both own these games, they are easily played over video chat as well.


Easy Tracking For Your Virtual Game Play

Being able to quantify game playing as “school” doesn’t have to be hard. You can just keep track of the games you play. I reccomend using a game log. There is one avaliable in my FREE Guide to Gameschooling. It is perfect for logging the games you’ve played and easy to add into a homeschool portfolio if you have to keep one.