How to Turn Around a Bad Homeschool Day

Bad homeschool days are inevitable. Whether you are a new homeschool mom or a veteran they will happen. When the bad days happen in our homeschool I try to turn them around by using 5 simple tricks.

Bad homeschool days are inevitable. When the bad days happen in our homeschool I try to turn them around by using 5 simple tricks.

My hope is that my five tips for when we are have a bad homeschool day just might help you out when you are having a bad day too.

Why are we having a bad day?

The first thing I try to do is evaluate the situation and regroup. Try to think about why you’re having a bad homeschool day. Is your child tired and cranky? Are you in a bad mood? After you’ve figured out the reason, you can adjust accordingly. For example, if I’m having a cranky day, I’ll choose activities for my child that don’t need lots of involvement from me.

Read Aloud

We love to take a break and read a book together. Our favorite books are Roald Dahl books because it’s impossible not to laugh when you’re reading his books.  But to be honest, any book would work. Just sit down and start reading aloud. After reading together, the mood will have changed and you can turn our day around.  

Play a game together

We like Outfoxed because it’s a cooperative game where you need to work together. It’s a funny game that drives us to reconnect, so it’s a great way to turn the day around. That said, we love games as a family so if that’s not a fit for your family, this tip might not work for you. Remember, you know your family best.

Change of scenery

If you can change locations and do your schoolwork outside, at the library, or a coffee shop you can refresh the day by making it new. If that’s not an option, take a short break and go for a walk. It’s a great way to recharge your batteries and start again. For us there is nothing better than taking school outside. 


Scrap the day. We have all had to do it at least once. It’s okay to give up for the day. Remember, you’re a parent first and that’s more important than screaming at one another to get through the worksheets for the day. On days like that, just quit.

What do we do instead when that happens? We read books or play games. Sometimes I have to dig into my “stash” and use some of the subscription boxes I keep on hand for these rainy/rough days.

Just know you’re not alone. We have all had bad homeschool days. Do you have tips I didn’t mention? Share them in the comments section so we can benefit from your tips as well.


  1. Just hearing your TITLE makes me feel better. First year as homeschool mama of 3 kids. Love it but we have had some hiccups. I’m excited to learn from others! Kids are so excited to learn!!! I cant wait to see what you have created.

  2. Thank you, good advice. For my daughter sometimes doing cosmic kids yoga helps her to bounce back

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