Inventor & Invention Themed Morning Basket For Your Homeschool Unit Study

This Morning Basket collection is Inventor and Invention themed and a perfect addition to your homeschool unit study. 

The four main categories that we include in our morning basket each month are:

  • read alouds
  • madlibs and/or trivia
  • hands-on activities
  • games

The main reason we include these are because they are Emily’s favorite things and I find I like to start our day by connecting and filling her love tank.

Each morning (or whatever time we start our homeschool day) she enjoys the hands-on activities while I read aloud, then we do either a mad lib or some trivia, and we finish our morning basket time by playing a game together. What’s in this basket might look like a lot but chipping away at it every day for a month normally ensures we will get to enjoy it all.

Would like to see our morning basket in action and see how we have made it worked for us over the years? Check out our Join Us For Morning Time series on our YouTube channel.

Inventor and Invention Morning Basket Learning

I Drew It and Then I Knew It-Inventors from Chalk Pastel

Bible or Devotional

How Great is Our God

Read Alouds

Night of the New Magicians and corresponding unit from Passport to More Adventures
Who Was Abraham Graham Bell and corresponding Unit Study
Who Was Thomas Alva Edison and corresponding Unit Study
Monday with a Mad Genius and corresponding unit from Passport to More Adventures
Who Was Leonardo da Vinci and corresponding Unit Study
The Story of Inventions
Mistakes that Worked
Girls Think of Everything: Stories of Ingenious Inventions by Women


Incredible Inventions


Kids Big Life Journal (Second Edition)


Timeline Inventions
Brain Box Inventions
Professor Noggin Famous Inventions

Hands-On Quiet Activities

Inventors and Inventions Puzzle
Snap Circuits Junior
Zoob Inventor Kit

Picture Books

Oh The Things They Invented
So You Want to be an Inventor?
Papa’s Mechanical Fish
Pop! The Invention of Bubble Gum
Whoosh! Lonnie Johnson’s Super-Soaking Stream of Inventions
The Marvelous Thing that Came from a Spring
The Crayon Man: The True Story of the Invention of Crayola Crayons
The Boo-Boos that Changed the World
The Boy Who Invented TV
Mr. Ferris and His Wheel
The Inventor’s Secret
Marvelous Mattie
The Girl Who Thought in Pictures
The House That Cleaned Itself
Have You Thanked an Inventor Today?
Magic Ramen
Rosie Revere, Engineer
The Most Magnificent Thing
The Dumpster Diver
The Junkyard Wonders


New To Morning Baskets?

If you are new to morning basket and would like more information make sure you check out this morning basket questions and answers post. Also, make sure your join the Morning Baskets Facebook Group for more ideas, inspirations, and support.

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February 11th is National Inventors Day so we are celebrating with an inventor and invention themed morning basket.


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  2. I love all the “stuff” you use…but would go broke buying it all haha…

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