June Homeschool Printables That Are Absolutely Free

I can’t wait to share my latest collection of FREE homeschool printables with you! These printable activities are filled with fun you can enjoy this June. There are nature walk activities, road trip bingo, ocean animal printables, a summer bucket list, and more!

You can use my free homeschool printables to add fun to your lesson plans and activities all summer long. Use them to keep little hands busy while you read, connect with your kids over a coloring activity on a rainy summer day, or have fun in the car on your summer road trip. However you use them, these printables are perfect for homeschooling on a budget this June.

Plus, you can sign up to get my free printables delivered right to your inbox every month. Then, use them together with interest-led unit studies and seasonal celebrations for engaging lessons and fun learning at home. Keep reading to get all kinds of printable fun for your homeschoolers.

Homeschooling Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive 

Whoever said homeschooling has to be expensive? Sometimes surfing through packaged curriculum sites can make it feel really costly to homeschool, but it doesn’t have to be! Over the years, I’ve discovered how to offset our costs by creating my own homeschool resources. 

Putting together my ideas, activities, and printables means I can match them to Emily’s current interests and passions. For example, when Emily wanted to learn with the Magic Treehouse book series, I was able to create the Passport to Adventures curriculum. Since then, I have incorporated science, history, art, geography and so much more into our custom curriculum using the books in the series. 

Now, Kevin and I have pooled our talents and resources to create custom unit studies and printables for our own family and your homeschooling journey too. It means a lot to us to give back to the homeschooling community we have come to love with our own one-of-a-kind unit studies and free printables.

This June, you can take advantage of our custom printables and resources at zero cost. It’s our way of giving back to the homeschooling community we have come to love. Join us as we celebrate June, learn about ocean animals, the summer solstice, and more with printables that are absolutely free!

Free Homeschool Printables For June

I’m offering free printables via emails every single month. These printables will arrive in your email inbox with ready-made, fun, and easy activities you can print and use with your homeschoolers for free! Don’t miss all the fun and engaging FREE June printables below:

The Life of a Fish

Fishing is a super fun activity you can engage in with your homeschoolers this summer. There are many ponds, lakes, and rivers where you can sign up for catch and release fishing with children. This printable bundle is a great way to explore and learn about the fish that live in our lakes and oceans. 

I’ve included so many great activities in this bundle! You’ll get lots of opportunities to learn about the life cycle of a fish, their anatomy, and build important literacy skills too. Have fun with full color printables, fill in the blank worksheets, fish comparison activities, a word scramble, and more.

You can practice grammar with a fish themed adjective sort and read about fish habitats too. It’s a great way to have fun and keep the learning going with your homeschoolers this June.

Beach Activity Set

Are you planning a family beach vacation this summer? Check out this beach activity set! Your homeschoolers can get creative as they use the drawing grid to draw their own octopus friend, sea turtle, seashell, or crab. 

I’ve also included 4 custom coloring pages your homeschoolers can have fun with while you’re on vacation, at home dreaming of the ocean, or in the car as you travel. When you get to the beach, enjoy a beach scavenger hunt printable for even more fun.

Road Trip Bingo

Who doesn’t love a game of road trip bingo? It’s a great easy way to have fun when you’re stuck in the car that’s totally screen-free. Have fun playing this road trip classic with your kids this summer with my free June printable road trip bingo. 

You’ll get 4 different road trip bingo pages in this bundle for all kinds of gaming fun in the car. Plus, I’ve included a road trip scavenger hunt printable with cows, bridges, trucks, and more. There’s lots of geography learning fun to be had with your homeschoolers in this road trip printable bundle too. 

I’ve added a 50 states page where you can check off states you visit or color states when you see the license plate from that state. Plus, have fun with a road trip travel journal you can do with your whole family, an alphabet I-spy game, and so much more! 

Camping Activity Printable Pack

There are 7 great printables in this camping activity pack for you to enjoy with your homeschoolers this June. They’re great for encouraging reluctant kids to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors. Plus, they’re perfect for adding science and learning fun to your camping trips this summer too. Check out what’s included:

  • Nature Walk Scavenger Hunt
  • S’more Pattern Printable
  • S’more Sequencing Worksheet
  • Summer Camping Activity Page
  • Camp Coloring Page
  • Same or Different Activity
  • Camping Measurement Page

Ocean Animal Color by Number

I’m so excited about this set of FREE printables for June! It’s the perfect way to gear up for our brand new Complete Ocean Unit Study! In this set of printables you’ll get all kinds of fun activities you can do with or without our Ocean Unit Study, but they do pair up nicely. 

In this printable bundle of worksheets, you’ll get 8 ocean animal color by number pages filled with ocean friends that are perfect for engaging homeschoolers this June. Color by number pages are fun for kids and great for building critical thinking and counting skills.

Plus, you can use these ocean color by number printables to occupy preschoolers and kindergartners and engage them in the lessons as you do the ocean unit study with your older homeschoolers. Like most of my activities and resources, I’ve set them both up to work for multiple ages too.

Summer Bucket List

What are your plans this summer? Can you think of 10 things you want to do with your homeschoolers this June? Do you have a summer schedule planned for your family?

If you’re looking for ideas, you won’t want to miss this printable bundle for June! It’s got a summer bucket list for kids, ideas for fun activities, field trips, and games too. Plus, you’ll get a bunch of custom coloring pages for your homeschoolers to enjoy right at home this summer and a chore chart to help you enjoy the summer without doing all the work too.

Summer Playdough Mats

Playdough mats are great for all ages because they let kids get creative while building all kinds of important early learning concepts. For example, manipulating playdough is a fantastic way to build fine motor skills with kids of all ages. Here’s what’s included in this summer playdough mat printable set:

  • Cookie & Donut Playdough Mats
  • Beach Crab Playdough Mat
  • Cotton Candy Playdough Mat
  • Popsicle & Ice Cream Playdough Mats
  • Watermelon Playdough Mat
  • Sand Castle Playdough Mat
  • Flip Flop Playdough Mat
  • Pool Days Playdough Mats
  • Beach Ball Playdough Mat

Summer Solstice Printable

Finally, the summer solstice is June 21 this year so don’t miss this FREE printable Summer Solstice activity set for lots of science learning fun with your homeschoolers just in time for the solstice. I’ve added a word search, word match worksheet, and five senses printable for more fun too. 

There’s lots of science learning fun included in this printable too. You’ll get printable pages that explain the solstice, seasons, and even the difference between an equinox and a solstice so your homeschoolers can keep the learning going all summer long.

If you love to celebrate the holidays and festivals then be sure to check out my Holiday Fun Around the World curriculum for exciting lessons from 30 different holidays, festivals, and celebrations all over the world. You’ll get to explore different cultures and celebrations all over the world throughout the calendar year! 

More Creative Resources For Your Homeschool

Want more? Don’t worry, there are tons of creative resources for your homeschool available in my shop and lots of other great ideas you can read about too.

Check out some of our favorite simple units to do during the Summer:

Which absolutely free June printables are you most excited to use with your homeschoolers this month? Share your favorites in the comments. I can’t wait to read about which printables and activities you love the best.