Summer Themed Morning Basket

Summer Morning Basket

I did not intend to have a summer morning basket but it has become such a beautiful part of our day, one that we enjoy so much, I could not imagine going months without it. Our summer morning basket will be the main learning we do over the next 2 months so it is going to look a bit different than in the previous months. I am still planning on including Journal, Bible, Poetry, Non-Fiction, Art, Math, and Read Aloud (for her and me) plus a few more things. Here is what is in our Summer Basket:

Q & A a day for Kids: A Three Year Journal – This was a Christmas present Santa brought to Emily and I am so excite to start using it. It has a simple question for everyday of the year, and on each page is space for three years worth of answers. So you will circle around to the questions again each year. I love the thought of having this for years to come and seeing how her answers change each year. For now I will be the one doing the writing because this is about her thoughts and feelings and not handwriting practice. (This will probably be in our basket for the next 3 years, lol).

Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing – This is written by the same authors of The Jesus Storybook Bible, which we loved. I ordered this hoping it would be just as beautiful, which it is. Each page is a very short thought so we will probably do two pages a day in this.

National Geographic Book of Nature Poetry – It is summer and I guess it is the weather but we love diving into nature this time of year. Since we loved the National Geographic Book of Animal Poetry so much I grabbed this one and it is just as gorgeous!

Nature Anatomy – This book will encompass our non-fiction and art for the summer. This is the most beautiful and informative book I have ever seen on nature, we also own the Farm Anatomy and Food Anatomy which we love as well. We will be reading through it and using the beautiful images to help us add to our nature journals.

Math Dice Jr. – I would like to see Emily work on her math facts this summer but do not want to drill and kill so we will be playing a game to practice them instead.

The Trumpet of the Swan (my read aloud) – I could not think of a better read aloud for the summer than this one. Read Aloud Revival is also doing a “Read With Us” this summer for this book so we are tagging along with that as well.

The Good and The Beautiful Level 1 Reader (her read aloud) – Emily will not start Level 1 until the fall but she LOVES the readers fromt The Good and The Beautiful. She read the Level K three times and begged to start Level 1. I love that she is excited about reading so I agreed to let her start the reader early.

We have two summer review workbooks in our summer basket as well. We alternate between the two of them based on interest. Summer Brain Quest: Between Grades 1 & 2 and Moffatt Girls Summer Review Packet Kindergarten.

With the addition of the workbooks morning basket takes us approximately 60-75 minutes, but this is the main learning we are doing over the summer.


Are you new to morning basket?

If you are new to morning basket and would like more information make sure you check out this morning basket questions and answers post. If you would like to see our baskets in action be sure to watch our join us for morning basket time videos. Also, make sure your join the Morning Baskets Facebook Group for more ideas, inspirations, and support.

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