Minibeasts: A K-12 Insect Unit Study Your Child Will Love

Get ready for a fascinating adventure into the world of bugs with a new insect unit study your child will love! This Minibeasts Unit Study is built for kids of all ages with all the classic Waldock Way favorites like hands-on activities, games, and custom coloring pages. Plus, you’ll find new things to enjoy with your homeschooler in the world of minibeasts too!

Unit Studies like this one make it easy to deep dive into topics that interest your kids and all the things they’re curious about while incorporating lots of different academic subjects. Use my Minibeasts Unit Study to build reading comprehension skills, enhance vocabulary, discover the science of entomology, explore the natural world, and get creative! 

Ready to see all the fun and exciting minibeast stuff packed into this new unit study? Keep reading to check it all out!

Entomology In Your Homeschool

Is your homeschool kiddo a budding entomologist who’s passionate about bugs or is she just curious about the bugs in the backyard? Either way, our new Minibeasts Unit Study is filled with information and fun you shouldn’t miss.

Many homeschool curriculums don’t include a lot of information about entomology. They might cover the topic in a few paragraphs or a small section, but there’s not always enough there to satiate your child’s curiosity. Why not give them in-depth access and allow their interest to blossom with this new unit study? 

If your homeschooler is a bit afraid of bugs or just cautious around them, getting to know these minibeasts better with an in-depth study might be just the thing to make them more comfortable. After all, knowledge is power. Learning about minibeasts might just give them the tools they need to overcome their fears.

Unit Studies For Interest-led Homeschooling

Unit studies like this one give homeschool moms an opportunity to share a love of learning with their kids that will last a lifetime! If we begin with topics our kids are truly interested in and passionate about, they’ll retain what they learn more easily.

Plus, it’s a great way to encourage your homeschooler to dive deep and really get to know the subjects your child is curious about. Taking an interest-led approach like this is a great way to encourage your kids to get involved in their learning and become lifelong learners too.

Minibeasts Unit Study Overview

Ready to see what’s in this minibeasts unit study? You’ll find the classic Waldock Way unit study elements we all know and love: great books, fun games, hands-on activities, YouTube playlists, and so much more. It’s perfect for interest-led learning because you can pull as much as you need to satisfy your child’s curiosity and move on to a new topic whenever you’re ready.

Reading Summaries

Similar to our other interest-led unit studies, this one has reading summaries for a wide variety of interesting min beast topics. You can read these aloud to your children and use the included questions to check for comprehension and encourage discussion. There’s information to read aloud about entomology and Jean-Henri Fabre, the father of modern entomology. Plus, sections on the following minibeast classifications:

  • Insects
  • Arachnids
  • Myriapods
  • Gastropods
  • Annelids

Minibeast Printables

I’ve included lots of fun printables to add to your lessons as you wish too. These aren’t just “keeping busy” worksheets. Instead, they’re meant to inspire your homeschooler to dig deeper, check for comprehension, and be lots of fun! Here’s what you’lll find:

  • Directed Drawing Pages
  • Pattern Block Printables
  • Color by Number Pages
  • Custom Coloring Pages
  • Printable Games

Hands-On Activities

There are hands-on activities to do with your homeschooler as you learn about minibeasts too. Check out my sensory play activities you can play as you explore the big world of minibeasts together this year. Here’s some of what’s included:

  • Sensory Play
  • Games
  • Bug Crafts
  • Sudoku
  • Science Experiments

Study Insects In Your Homeschool Today

Ready to get started learning about insects in your homeschool? You can study insects and the fascinating real world of minibeasts right at home. Grab your interest-led Minibeasts Unit Study today in the shop. Then, enjoy the learning adventure!

Is your child a fan of mini beasts? Check out some of our favorite minibeast resources for even more learning fun below!



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What bugs is your family most excited to learn about with this new mini beast curriculum? Tell me all about it in the comments. I can’t wait to read them and share more about our minibeast learning journey with you too!