Spy Academy For Kids: Perfect For Summer Learning

Are your kids fascinated by spies and secret agents? Are they curious about espionage and secret weapons? If so, this summer is the perfect time to introduce your homeschooler to Spy Academy for Kids. 

This spy school is an interest-led learning opportunity filled with fun activities, fascinating topics, and lessons that will encourage your child’s curiosity and imagination. Spy Academy includes history, geography, science, math, logic, literature, and reading lessons centered around fascinating topics.

Spy Academy is set up perfectly for summer vacation with lesson plans you can spread out over four to six weeks. Keep reading to get the scoop on our newest interest-led unit study and some of the fun activities your kids can participate in as they learn about the world of spies. You won’t want to miss all the top-secret fun!

Why We LOVE Learning About The World Of Spies

Spies are intriguing and mysterious; they’re fascinating! Kids are naturally drawn to mysterious topics like espionage and genuinely curious about secret agents. That’s why it’s the perfect topic for an interest-led unit study.

If you’re just dipping your toes into interest-led learning, this Spy Academy Unit Study is the perfect place to begin. In this unit study, we’ve incorporated lots of subjects including literature, math, science, history, and geography. So you can cover lots of important concepts in a way that’s fun and interesting for your homeschooler.

Learning about the world of spies opens doors to discussing geography and how political maps have changed, important facts and events in history, and fascinating characters like George Washington, Edith Cavell, Winston Churchill, and Benedict Arnold. You can read about interesting people, places, and events together while practicing critical thinking and boosting reading comprehension skills. Plus, there are opportunities to learn about fascinating scientific discoveries including submarines, atomic bombs, and rockets!

Spy Study For Kids 

This spy study for kids includes so many different topics and subjects for kids to explore. Jet ski across the surface of these interesting topics or dive deep into the world of espionage and science, spies and history, or secret agent math. 

Spy Academy is an opportunity for curious kids to begin spy training with lessons about forensics, cryptology, and brain training exercises. There’s even an escape room-style activity where kids can embark on a secret agent adventure! Check out all the fun learning topics included in this Spy Academy Unit Study below.


There are a myriad of opportunities for kids to learn about historic events and characters in this interest-led unit study. This Spy Academy Unit Study covers events and people from the Revolutionary War, The Civil War, World War I, World War II, and the Cold War. 

From read-aloud summaries with discussion questions that encourage critical thinking to biographies of famous spies, there’s lots of history to discover in this fun unit study. Plus, get spy history lessons for each war featuring printable puzzles with curated YouTube playlists and video suggestions for even more history learning fun. Kids can research their favorite spies and fill in graphic organizers with facts all about secret agents like Nathan Hale for deeper learning too.


Along with history, homeschoolers can brush up on geography from each period and see how maps and boundary lines have changed as a result of espionage and war. Explore the geography of the United States as you study spies from the Revolutionary War and Civil War. Then, learn more about the geography of Europe and how it has changed as your family learns more about espionage during World War I and World War II. Finally, explore how the Cold War changed the geography of Eastern Europe and Russia.


There’s lots of interesting science to explore in the world of espionage! Kids will have fun learning about secret weapons developed by scientists over the years including submarines, zeppelins, flamethrowers, atomic bombs, rockets, and space satellites. Plus, discover how chemical reactions have helped spies send secret messages throughout the years with inventions like invisible ink.

There are many more science experiments and learning opportunities in this secret agent unit. Kids will learn about fingerprints and how to analyze documents like a real spy as they study the Civil War. They can even make fingerprint cards featuring their own unique fingerprints! 

Spy science lessons in this unit study include a shoe print mystery activity, dusting for fingerprints, and hair analysis. Kids can also learn about DNA and DNA analysis while practicing this really cool science with hands-on activities. 

Literature and Reading

Spy Academy includes interesting read-aloud summaries with discussion questions for extra creative thinking and comprehension building. This unit study covers spies, secret missions, and top-secret weapons from the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, World War I, World War II, and the Cold War. 

Plus, you’ll get recommendations for other great picture books and chapter books to read aloud for further study with your kids. Spy Academy comes with more than 13 fascinating book suggestions including fun spy series’ like Alex Rider: The Complete Missions and Harriet the Spy book series.

I’ve also included word searches, crossword puzzles, and fun resources you can use for more literature learning excitement. For example, you can add extra fun to this Spy Academy Unit Study with  Spy Mad Libs or the Kids’ Secret Agent Mission Book and Guided Journal. There’s even a fun “radio chatter” activity printable included where kids can practice talking in code and decoding secret messages! 

Logic and Math

Learn how math was used to create codes and ciphers for sharing top-secret information between spies and their handlers. Then, use logic to solve puzzles and codes used by famous secret agents like The Culper Spy Ring during the Revolutionary War or play a game of Battleship just like naval secret forces during World War I.

There’s tons of math and logic learning available with this topic! Kids can learn to think like a spy with spot-the-difference activities, memory games, and tons of ciphers to master. Plus, lots of fun ways to learn about and practice Morse Code with your homeschoolers this summer.

In my games resource list, there are lots of great spy games where kids can practice logic skills. Enjoy playing a game of  Crack the Code or the Super Math Spy Board Game for even more math learning fun. 

What’s Included in Spy Academy

This comprehensive Spy Adacemy Unit Study includes so many fun resources and printable activities for your family to enjoy this summer. Check out some of what’s included below.

  • Suggested Book Lists
  • YouTube Playlists
  • TV and Video Suggestions
  • Game Recommendations
  • Espionage Enigma Project
  • Custom Coloring Pages
  • Biographies of Spies
  • Code Breaking & Cipher Solving
  • Word Search Activities
  • Crossword Puzzles
  • Spy Memory Game
  • Spy Bingo Game
  • Sample Lesson Plans
  • Printable Spy Extras including decorations
  • Spy Academy Certificate of Completion

Using This Study In Your Homeschool This Summer

If you’re searching for a fun unit study to engage your kids during the summer months, this is perfect. This homeschool unit study has everything you need to prevent summer learning loss and increase retention over summer break. If you’re learning year-round, you’ll love how this comprehensive interest-led unit includes everything you need under the fascinating umbrella of espionage. 

Grab your own Spy Academy Unit Study in the shop. You can even add history mini-unit studies:

Plus, check out my summer learning homeschool plans for more great ideas you can use with your kids over the summer months. Summer is about relaxing, but it’s also the perfect time to learn through play while enjoying the summer sun! Embrace relaxed lessons with less structure and lots of hands-on learning.

Get the scoop on Pool School, Summer Learning and Play, and tips for Learning on Location during your family vacation. There are so many ways to learn and have fun with your homeschoolers this summer! Don’t forget to grab our new Spy Academy Unit Study for hands-on homeschool summer learning they’ll love.

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