How to Successfully Strew in Your Homeschool

Do you strew in your homeschool? If not, I am going to help you start strewing today by giving you the reasons to strew, how to strew, and what to strew, and tips for strewing.

Strewing is a great way to present learning opportunities for your kiddos. Strewing is a great way for children to facilitate their own learning.

Strewing saved my sanity in the early years of homeschooling. It helped us find a way to start our mornings out more smoothly. It has also taken us down many glorious rabbit trails.

Strewing can benefit both homeschoolers and traditional schoolers alike. It is the simple act of leaving appealing items in your child’s path and standing back as they discover and explore them in their own way.

Reason to Strew in Your Homeschool

Strewing Sets the Stage for Learning

One of the many great things about strewing is that it gives you an opportunity to see what really sparks your child’s interest.

Maybe you are studying astronomy this year but your child shows interests in birds. You could strew a bird guide, binoculars, and maybe even stuff to make their own bird feeder. For us that led to Cornell Backyard Bird Counting and become avid bird watchers.

Strewing Encourages Independence

One of the only rules of strewing is that you (as the parent) are not supposed to tell the child what to do with what has been strewed.

The whole purpose in strewing is to just leave it out and let your child discover and explore on their own. This means they are in charge of their own learning experience.

I know it can be hard not to micromanage and want to turn it into a project but trust me it will pay off if you just strew, step back, and let them do their own thing.

What to Strew in Your Homeschool

Strewing Ideas for the House

Now that you know a few of the benefits of strewing here are a few simple strewing ideas that you can try in your home to get started today:

  • Books
  • Blocks
  • Lego
  • Games
  • Puzzles
  • Arts & Crafts Supplies
  • Science Experiments
  • Apps added to a Device
  • Shows added to a Watch List

Strewing Ideas for the World

Strewing is not just about leaving things out at home. But also, in the world through experiences. You can do this by providing fun and exciting places to visit and things to do:

  • Zoo
  • Museum
  • Library
  • Theater
  • Nature Parks

Top Three Tips for Strewing

Make it Inviting

If it is not inviting chances are your child will not gravitate towards it. If you are strewing books open one to an eye catching page. Think of this almost as product placement. It is more difficult to walk past something that is grabbing your attention.

Keep it Interesting

While not everything that you strew will be a hit with your child, chances are greater if it is something that you are interested in. If you notice your child asking a lot of questions about dinosaurs that is a good sign that it is time to strew dinosaurs. Pay attention to your child’s interests and strew based on them.

Don’t Take it Personal

This might be the most important tip on the list for you -the parent. There will be times that you strew what you think is the coolest thing ever and your child turns their nose up at it. Try not to take it personally. Maybe they just weren’t in the mood for it that day. Don’t let it deter you from strewing – keep trying.

Start Strewing

Just start strewing! Don’t overthink it, don’t overcomplicate it.

Just strew something, anything, right now. Go find a book on the bookshelf. Dig out that game you have been meaning to play. Open that science kit that you ordered. Set something out that will spark your child’s curiosity then stand back and watch.

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