Veterinarian Unit Study 2.0

Emily has loved animals for as long as I can remember. She has always had a strong desire to work with animals when she is older. So, when she requested (more like begged) for a veterinarian unit study I happily obliged. But, I knew this unit would need to be bigger and better than any unit before because we have done a veterinarian unit in the past. I got to work and planned a month long unit study that would consist of three mini units on pet, farm, and zoo veterinarian.

The Spine

The two main things we will be using throughout the entire unit study include Usborne Vet Academy and So You Want to be Veterinarian PBL. These are both broken down into pet, farm, and zoo categories though so will work through them in that manner. We will also be working our way through the Veterinarian Science Kit from Scientific Explorer.



I will also be adding a math element to each section of our vet unit. The pet portion will include these veterinarian word problems from Teachers Pay Teachers. The farm portion will include these measuring a horse word problems that I made. The zoo portion will include the Real World Math Zookeeper book.


Hands On

I also picked up a 4D Vision Anatomy Model for the closing of each section of the unit. We have the cat for the end of the pet portion, the horse for the end of the farm portion, and the giraffe for the end of the zoo portion. I also order the introductory dissection kit from Home Science Tools that we will complete at the very end of the unit as a final exam type of thing if you will.


Pretend Play

I am a huge advocate for play and no unit study would be complete without it. Imaginative or pretend play has so many amazing benefits that if I can include if I do. I used this Vet Clinic Dramatic Play printable set to transform our homeschool room into her very own Veterinarian Office. Some of her favorite things are the light panel with real animal x-rays, her lab coat and stethoscope so she can dress the part, and the cash register to check her clients out. I also had Mulberry Toes custom make a veterinarian loose parts kit for her to play with during reading aloud (you can use the code THEWALDOCKWAY for 10% off of your own).




The books we will be reading aloud include So You Want to Work with Animals, You Be the Vet Series, and Vet Volunteer Series. I will also be reading aloud Who Was Jacques Cousteau, Who Was Jane Goodall, and Who Was Steve Irwin and having her complete this activity. The books we will be reading together (shared reading) include Pet Vet Series and Amy Wild, Animal Talker. The books she will be reading independently (to me) include Dr. Kitty Cat Series and Usborne Animal Beginners Series.



We will also be enjoying some shows that focus on veterinarians. The shows I have in our wish-list include Animal Rescue, Kitty 911, Dr. Pol, Dr. Oakley, Dr. K’s Exotic Animals, Pet Doctors of Atlanta, Rescue Vet, Ocean Vet, and Pet Medics. I was thrilled when I found Vet Life for the Wii. It covers pet, farm, and zoo animals which makes it perfect for this unit. I also loaded Toca Boca Pet Doctor and Dr. Amy Cares apps onto her tablet.



We have the Complete Clubhouse Membership to Chalk Pastel which always comes in handy for unit studies. We will probably bounce around between a few different lessons but I know I plan to have us complete the Baby Animals.



Gameschooling is one of our favorite things to do so I knew I needed a great stack of games. The games we have to choose from include Professor Noggin Pets, Professor Noggin Farm, Professor Noggin Safari, Pet Me, Spot It Animals, Guess in 10 Animals, and Brainbox Animals.


Field Trips/Experiences

The last thing our unit study will include is field trips. We will visit a pet store, a farm, section, and a zoo at the end of each. Those three were kind of easy and no brainers. It also happened that our local zoo has a zoo vet class during the time we will be doing the unit.  As annual pass-holders at Disney we get a discount on extras such as tours. Because of that we decided to try the Caring for Giants tour which focuses on the African Elephants.

The last field trip I planned was the most time consuming for me. I wanted for her to be able to meet a veterinarian, ask them some questions, and see what it is they do first hand. So many clinics heard her age and turned me down but, I finally got a yes and Emily will have the chance to shadow a veterinarian for the day like I had hoped.

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Do you have an animal loving kiddo? One who aspires to be a vet when tthey grow up? Then they will love this veterinarian unit study!