30 Best Kids Books to Read in April

It’s time for another monthly book list! This April book list is filled with picture books, graphic novels, poetry books, and chapter books you can share with kids of all ages this month. There’s something for everyone to keep you reading all month long.

As the weather warms up this April, find a warm spot outside and enjoy reading in the sunshine, or grab a good book and snuggle up for cozy quality time on a rainy Spring day. Either way, you’re going to find some new excellent books to enjoy with your kids in this April book list. 

These lists can be beneficial when searching for great books to engage reluctant readers. The beautiful books on this list will spark your child’s imagination and grab their attention as they discover new interests and explore their passions through fantastic new stories. 

Enjoy fun books for Easter, Earth Day, and more! Plus, discover quirky new holidays like International Carrot Day and National Find a Rainbow Day too. 

Best Books For Each Month Of The Year!

We love reading great books! Whether we’re reading aloud or sitting side-by-side with our own books, there are plenty of great stories to explore, mysteries to solve, and fantastic characters to meet. Our passion for exploring new books has helped us to create these monthly book lists. 

I hope this March book list for kids of all ages will inspire your family to fall in love with reading too. Get ready to discover fun books for National Garden Month, Autism Awareness, Poetry Month, and more with this fun list of April books for kids of all ages.

30 April Books for Kids of All Ages

I can’t wait to share this unique collection of April books with you! These books cover every topic from Autism Awareness Month to Ramadan. Whether you’re searching for beautiful picture books with captivating illustrations, inviting chapter books for older kids or graphic novels to engage your quirky readers, there’s something for everyone on the list!



A Day With No Words

April is Autism Awareness Month. Reading books about people on the spectrum is an important way we can encourage empathy, inclusion, and understanding with our children. These books provide valuable insight into the experiences and unique perspectives of individuals with Autism, helping to break down barriers and stereotypes. 

This April, read A Day With No Words by Tiffany Hammond to learn more about how we can help our kids form meaningful connections with individuals of all abilities. This beautiful book can teach us all that nonverbal people have as many words and as much intelligence as anyone else.

Berry Song

This Caldecott Honor book by Michaela Goade is a perfect picture book for Earth Day on April 22nd. In Berry Song, on an island at the edge of the sea, a girl and her grandmother gather gifts from the earth: salmon, herring eggs, and berries in the forest. The beautiful illustrations and story of kinship in this book will quickly become favorites for your family too.

Harlem Grown: How One Big Idea Transformed a Neighborhood

This beautiful picture book tells an inspiring true story that’s perfect for National Garden Month and an important read for Earth Day celebrations too. In this book by Tony Hillery, learn how one man made a difference in his neighborhood by inviting students to a vacant lot to create a beautiful farm in the middle of the city. As the children learn to work with their hands, they turn the space into a functioning and sustainable farm collaboration.

After a few years, the children and their parents are growing thousands of pounds of fruits and vegetables every year. All of the produce is given to the neighborhood and it’s still functioning sustainably today! 



Jazz For Lunch!

Did you know that April is also Jazz Appreciation Month? Jazz for Lunch! by Jarrett Dapier is a lovable picture book you can use to dive into the world of jazz music and begin helping your kids develop an appreciation for this rich and beautiful form of American music.  Plus, the story is told in rhyming verse that’s perfect for National Poetry Month (also in April)!

Lailah’s Lunchbox: A Ramadan Story

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar. The exact timing of Ramadan varies each year because the Islamic calendar is based on lunar cycles. In 2024, Ramadan comes to a close on April 9. 

The last day of Ramadan is called Eid al-Fitr, which means “Festival of Breaking the Fast.” It is a joyous occasion and a beautiful opportunity to learn more about the Muslim faith and culture with your children this month. Laila’s Lunchbox: A Ramadan Story by Reem Faruqi is a beautiful book about a young girl’s first fast.

My Brain is Magic

Another beautiful Autism Awareness Month book to read with young children this April is My Brain is Magic: A Sensory-Seeking Celebration by Prasha Sooful. This book explores sensory processing and neurodivergence in a way that’s easy for kids to understand. It’s a fun read-aloud for quirky kids and neurotypical children too. 



Spring After Spring: How Rachel Carson Inspired the Environmental Movement

Stephanie Roth Sisson’s Spring After Spring picture book is an inviting biography of Rachel Carson that’s perfect for Earth Day lesson plans. Carson’s famous poem Silent Spring is a courageous and honest poem that’s a good read for National Poetry month too. In this picture book, young children can get to know Carson as a child and learn more about her journey as a scientist, a writer, and her work paving the way for the modern environmental movement.

The Blessed Pomegranates

The Blessed Pomegranates is the story of two Muslim children, Alyah and Adam, and a very special Ramadan adventure with their grandmother Essi. As they gift pomegranates from Grandmother Essi’s tree to family and friends, Adam and Alyah learn about the holiday, the Qur’an, and the importance of generosity. It’s a classic book written in poetic verse that’s engaging for children.

The Carrot Seed

The Carrot Seed is a classic picture book by Ruth Krauss all about a little boy who plants a carrot seed. This special book is inspiring for young children who might feel they can’t make a difference or like their tiny actions don’t matter. In this book, patience and determination prove triumphant in the end.



The Gardener

In this Caldecott Honor book by Sarah Stewart, children will get to know Lydia and her suitcase full of seeds as she gradually transforms her uncle’s rooftop into a happy environment filled with flowers and hope. Readers will enjoy learning more about gardening, determination, and America during The Great Depression in this beautiful picture book told through letters home.

The Giving Tree

Shel Silverstein’s classic, The Giving Tree is a beautiful poem picture book that’s perfect for National Poetry Month and Earth Day too. This book tells the story of a precious friendship between a tree and a boy that grows and changes just as they do. You’ll want to read this classic again and again with kids of all ages.

The Lorax

Is there any better Earth Day book than Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax? In this fun book, you’ll meet a cartoon environmentalist and follow along as he works to save the Truffula trees and protect the forest. Kids will love the colorful and imaginative drawings and silly rhyming verses in this story.



The Rainbow Hunters

Did you know that April 3rd is Find a Rainbow Day? Let this fun day inspire you and your children to go outdoors and search for rainbows in nature. Then, read The Rainbow Hunters together to meet four friends and go on an adventure with them as they search for rainbows and discover that the real magic is in spending time with one another. 

The Talking Eggs

In 2024, we will celebrate Easter on the last day of March, but 75% of the time, Easter is celebrated during April. That’s why I just had to add some fun Easter stories to our April book list for kids of all ages. The Talking Eggs by Robert D. Sansouci is a beautiful picture book featuring iconic illustrations and a Southern folktale that won the Coretta Scott King Honor Award.

The Velveteen Rabbit

Another classic tale for Spring that’s perfect for Easter too is The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams. This beautiful picture book has inspired generations by confirming what all children suspect in their hearts, toys really can be real. That’s why the book is beloved by generations and it’s one you won’t want to miss.



When Carrots Ruled the World

Another fun picture book for Carrot Day on April 4 is When Carrots Ruled the World by David LeBarron. This whimsical tale explains what it was like when carrots ran the garden. Kids will love following along as they learn about a time when everyone was welcome in the garden featuring colorful vegetable art and silly instructions for making your very own DIY block veggie characters.

Consider the Octopus

If you’re searching for a chapter book to read aloud this April or something for more advanced readers to read independently, check out Consider the Octopus by Nora Raleigh Baskin and Gae Polisner. This chapter book is a comedy of errors and mistaken identity. Above is all, is a warm story of friendship, empowerment, and environmental protection that’s perfect for middle-grade readers this Earth Day. 

Ellie May On April Fool’s Day

Hillary Homzie’s Ellie May Adventures book series is perfect for kids beginning chapter books to read independently. In Ellie May On April Fool’s Day, kids will get to enjoy all of Ellie May’s hilarious pranks to celebrate the holiday. This funny second-grade character will make everyone laugh this April Fool’s Day!



Good Different

Good Different by Meg Eden Kuyatt is the perfect novel for late middle school and high school readers this April. The story is told in verse, which makes it a unique read for National Poetry Month. Plus, Good Different features a neurodivergent main character, making it a winner for Autism Awareness Month. 

Selah is a girl who comes to understand and celebrate her differences. She knows the rules for being normal and always sticks to them, keeping her feelings locked inside. Until one day, she explodes and hits a fellow student. Feeling like a dragon stuck in a world of humans, Selah must learn to navigate her differences and love herself.


This chapter book by Zetta Elliott and Lyn Miller-Lachmann is an ideal book for Jazz Appreciation Month. Moonwalking is the fantastic story of a cross-racial friendship between two boys sharing their love of music and art in the city as they search for a place to belong.

Once Upon an Eid: Stories of Hope and Joy by 15 Muslim Voices

Once Upon an Eid is an important short story collection by and about Muslims. In this book, feelings and memories of growing up Muslim are shared in a way that’s emotional and beautiful for upper-elementary and middle-grade readers. Kids will learn to celebrate diversity, explore other cultures, and see the beauty in holiday traditions that might be different from their own.



The Day It Snowed Tortillas

The first Thursday of April is International Burrito Day. If you’re a fan of Taco Tuesday, you won’t want to miss celebrating Burrito Day in your homeschool this year. The Day It Snowed Tortillas by Joe Hayes is a creative collection of tales from Spanish New Mexico for kids ages 9 to 12. This diverse collection from one of America’s leading storytellers is perfect for encouraging kids to explore other cultures and celebrate diversity. 

The Green Ember

One of our favorite series is The Green Ember book series by S. D. Smith. These beautiful books tell the story of two brave rabbits, Heather and Picket, in a tumultuous kingdom. It’s a fantasy novel that’s the perfect read aloud for the Easter season.

The Secret Garden

Another lovely Spring classic for National Garden Month is The Secret Garden by France Hodgson Burnett. Kids will love following along with Mary Lennox on a captivating journey into a secret long-forgotten garden. As she works to solve the mystery of the garden, Mary will learn about herself, her family, and the redeeming power of love.



The Vanderbeekers and the Hidden Garden

If your homeschoolers loved The Vanderbeekers of 141st Street, they’ll adore this book in the series by Karina Yan Glaser too. Experience the warmth of a family and their community as they work together in this wild and entertaining read-aloud book!

Turtle Boy

Another beautiful story for Autism Awareness Month is Turtle Boy by M. Evan Wolkenstein. This middle-grade novel tells the story of Will Levine, a neurodivergent boy trying to meet the expectations of others, form friendships, and get outside his comfort zone.

Lo & Behold

Graphic novels are excellent for reluctant readers, quirky kids, and, well, everyone! The fun and engaging graphic books on our April book list for kids of all ages are perfect for building a variety of important literary skills. Readers will explore story elements, learn to understand context clues and build reading comprehension skills with these fun graphic novels. 

Lo & Behold, a graphic novel by Wendy Mass, tells the story of how technology and friendship can make all the difference. In the book, Addie must move across the country for her dad’s summer job. She meets Mateo and joins him in an exciting project with the help of a virtual reality headset that has her seeing the whole world in a new way.



Luz Sees the Light

If you’re searching for a graphic novel to read this Earth Day, don’t miss Luz Sees the Light by Claudia Davila. This graphic novel for elementary readers explores sustainability, the failing power grid, and fossil fuels. Plus, there’s a fun hands-on activity at the end to help your kids learn to make their own garden compost!

The Electric Guitar: A Graphic History

Not all graphic novels are comic books or even fictional stories. Graphic novels are also an excellent way for kids to explore learning about history and science. Check out The Electric Guitar: A Graphic History from the Amazing Inventions series by Blake Hoena. Your quirky music lover will adore learning about the innovation behind creating the electric guitar and the musicians who put it at the center of rock and roll music in this unique book.

World Without Fish

Another important nonfiction graphic novel is World Without Fish by Mark Kurlansky. This unique narrative book for kids explains what’s happening in the world’s oceans and how they can help change the outcome. It’s an important read for Earth Day this April. 

More April Activities for Learning

Discover more of our favorite April activities for learning and fun in your homeschool with a FREE April Homeschool Printables bundle. These activities are absolutely free and easy to add to any lesson plan, rainy day, or carschooling adventure. You’ll get fun printables for Easter, Earth Day, and more!

Do you have a favorite picture book, chapter book, or graphic novel to read during April that I forgot to mention? Share your favorites in the comments. Emily and I would love to read your favorite books too!

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